Books DON’T sell themselves

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

No matter what we dream of in fantasy land, reality is always waiting to jump out from the shadows and remind authors that there is more to the job than just writing. It sucks. Many of us wish that the work will speak for itself; that readers will catch on and spread the word like wildfire.


Lala land is a nice place to visit, but it doesn’t create sales. Books are everywhere. More people are ‘writers” than ever. The market has expanded to include sub genres for sub genres but even so there is so much reading material to choose from that many bookworms stick to what they know.

Names are important in writing. When polled, readers still list the author as the most important factor in deciding to purchase a book. That hits indie authors hard when the industry is already built to favor mainstream artists.


The cutesy, “as…

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