Brothers of the Heart


Brothers of the Heart
by Regina Puckett

I read this eBook today. My review follows the book blurb found on Amazon.

“Mother Duck is quick to adopt Baby Kitten after finding him all alone in his milk dish. Little Duckling is excited to have a new brother, and even though the other barnyard animals laugh because Baby Kitten has fur and purrs while Little Duckling has feathers and quacks, the two brothers couldn’t care less what the other animals think of them.

Little Duckling wants to teach his new brother to swim but Baby Kitten is afraid of the water. He is content to sit on the riverbank and watch his brother swim until a summer storm blows in and floods the farm.”

This is the first book I’ve read from this author. The illustrations fit the wordage used on each page. It is refreshing to read about a Little Duckling that gets a brother due to his mother saving a Baby Kitten. Nice message in that, any human can be a brother or sister to another human. I found that with much encouragement, and a storm, Baby Kitten did finally sit atop Little Duckling, and they swam. After that, Baby Kitten was excited to learn how to swim. Kids need encouragement, too. I give this book four stars due to the book not being edited for eBook use.   


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