Honesty Time 

 Honesty Time  


In this picture, I am three pounds above my self-imposed target weight range. I need to cut back on carbs again. In the past, I’ve stated I’ve lost a total of 70 pounds. The truth is… I’ve actually lost 100 pounds. I was ashamed to write 100 pounds. I was ashamed to know my own heaviest weight. Honesty time is now here. I weighed in at my heaviest at 230 pounds. That is the truth. I was sick and food was my comfort during all the testing and procedures. My 230 pounds are evident in pictures taken last November in Miami at the awards event (we think we are going again this year since we medaled with a different book) where I wore a size 3X dress.

In the past, when I was at the weight loss of 70 pounds, I stopped writing about it. I was ashamed that from the year 2013 to November 2017 I gained that much extra weight. I still hate that I did that but… I am now happy with being three pounds over my target as I can lose those in one week by not eating carbs.

That is my story. It has taken strong will, grit, and determination to lose the excess, but I persevered in doing this in about eight months. How did I do this??

1. I love chocolate and have found sugar free Hagen Daz ice cream. A few bites and that is enough. I don’t eat sugar and I use Stevia instead.

2. I drink one bottle of water before eating and I eat less. Your stomach will feel fuller faster! 

3. I go for protein the most consisting of lean meats, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and nuts. Crock pot the meat and don’t bread and fry it. 

4. I eat fresh veggies such as tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers, and broccoli.

5. I eat fresh berries and I love blueberries. I eat one or two strawberries regularly. 

6. My nuts are unsalted and I eat almonds and peanuts.

7. I love a banana each morning and my K+ (potassium) stays on track.

8. I no longer have to take medicine for cholesterol. I’m in the normal range!

9. I will soon come off my last BP med. I feel better!

10. I use portion control when I do eat my meals. I DON’T go back for second helpings. We eat out less except when traveling.

11. I take a generic Multiple Vitamin, Citron C, Folic Acid, and B12 every morning, and some exercise will help you lose faster. 

****** You must make sure you check with your doctor regarding this diet and over the counter medications. Check with your doctor regarding exercise, too. ******

This is my story. I went from obesity and stomach ulcers to normal weight and no ulcers. You can do this, too!

At my heaviest…. trust me in that I was 230 pounds and wore a size 3X dress. I was ashamed and so embarrassed. If you want this award winning children’s book on bully’s the link is here




12 thoughts on “ Honesty Time 

  1. Mary, you look FABULOUS! It is normal to have had all those feelings but the important thing is you’re are there – you made it, and you know how to keep it up! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing both your honesty and your success and your how-to. I’m so impressed by and happy for you!

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