#COVID19 – My Son Got It!



One virus brought the world to its knees (and hopefully everyone is praying). My only living son, only living child, lives in Los Angeles, half a country away from me. He’s never been this far away for this long – he moved out there in August 2019. Even with precautions in place, he had to work due to his specific job at an aerospace company I shall not name. My son picked up the COVID-19 virus and was sick, quite, but on the mend now. His age is mid 30’s. As a mother who lost her first born to cord strangulation, and youngest to effects and damage of chemo due to cancer, I prayed my son would be spared. Eight days post initial  knowing he had it, he told me about it. Per his own words, he said that if I’d known, I’d be too worried and anxious and that is true, but I should have known… I’m his mom… I’m a ex-registered nurse. I know infectious disease. Since my son has recovered well, I’m over being upset with him not telling me. His work falls in two of the must work sectors drawn up by the USA, and it’s not a work from home job. He must be onsite, segregated, so he can make the calculations and program a machining center for parts used by the military.  I’m rambling now… but my point is, no one is immune to COVID-19. Stay home if at all possible, be safe, let’s stop the spread of this contagion. Can we pray for the entire world? 


My son and I, fall of 2018.


15 thoughts on “#COVID19 – My Son Got It!

    • Oh Gwen. I can’t be around my son at all due to my health in such poor condition. Had it got worse, I’d never been able to go to LA. Never see him again. He is my only living child. This COVID-19 is wicked stuff.


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