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Announcement! When Angels Fly!

We would like to announce that our book, When Angels Fly, has received a Five Star review from Readers’ Favorite! This review was written by a man, from his perspective, and I will add the review in this blog post. Also, When Angels Fly, has been entered into the International Awards, and we will know more after September 2016!

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

When Angels Fly by S. Jackson and A. Raymond is a heart-wrenching, powerful story of a woman’s suffering, pain, faith, and love, a story that will open a whole new world to most readers, especially those who have never been abused or forsaken. Reading this memoir will open the eyes of readers to the sufferings and struggles experienced by many women silently, their courage, and their silent hopes. Sarah’s suffering started early in her childhood with frequent abuse from her mother and the insensitivity of her school friends. “In fifth grade,” she writes, “a tumor was found under my left nipple.” The benign tumor could not cause so much trouble for her as it was curable. But Sarah will suffer more abuse from a husband and be driven to near insanity by the loss of her two children.

I couldn’t help thinking about womanhood while reading When Angels Fly. As a man and a father, it is hard to imagine the kind of feeling my wife has for our two kids. Many times I had to stop reading, close my eyes, and ask myself: “Could this be really happening?” I couldn’t help but wonder about the stuff of which women are made, because Sarah is a tough woman, sensitive, and rich in her humanity. It is inspiring to see how she gives life and nourishes it. The experience with Eli, her son suffering from cancer, is very touching and one that will inspire many people in the way they relate with their children. S. Jackson and A. Raymond have done a wonderful job in sharing experiences that will offer hope and provoke a silent revolution in the way most of us see women and life. It’s a book that every man should read. And I mean every man!

There are some of those books for which we find no words and When Angels Fly is one of them. In this memoir, the authors show how a woman can find meaning and survive unimaginable suffering by connecting to her motherhood. It is a story of hope and the power of love and prayer. Although it will draw tears from your eyes as you read, it will inspire hope and courage. I love this book for the deep experience of the narrators and for the powerful lessons it offers.


Suzy Has A Secret: Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Tiffany Davis for Readers’ Favorite
Suzy Has a Secret by S. Jackson with A. Raymond is a children’s story about educating them on self awareness and inappropriate behavior. The story is simple and easy to read to children. It’s important to allow children the opportunity to learn what should and should not be done to them by family members. Suzy did not like the game of tickling that Uncle Bob played with her when her parents weren’t around. Suzy did not want to keep the secret from her parents, but Uncle Bob made her feel that she couldn’t tell anyone about the way he touched her. Although the story is short, it has a powerful message because all children should know the importance of not allowing anyone, young or old, to touch their bodies.Children have a right to be happy and understand what should not be happening when Mommy and Daddy aren’t around. The portion of the story designed for Parents and Educators was a good read because it reaffirmed that children have the right to know that their private areas are off limits, and that when playing no one should ever touch those areas. When dealing with children, it’s important to ensure they understand at an early age that they can talk to their parents about anything and not be scared. Abusers use manipulation when abusing children to keep them from telling their parents, that’s why parents need to have a strong bond with their children to make them feel comfortable. One thing I learned is that you should not ask a lot of questions if you suspect abuse, but rather ask simple questions for the best and most reliable answers.

My Review: Beautiful Beginnings, A Lost Souls Novel

Today I am reviewing a book by Michelle Ann Holstein, Beautiful Beginnings, A Lost Souls Novel. I must say that this story is a heartwarming paranormal adventure, and is a genre that I normally don’t read. This story is a young adult read, and quite entertaining as well. Holstein’s writing style is good, and it was nice to read a book that didn’t contain a healthy dose of strong language or sex scenes. Holstein brings out each character in a way that one can close their eyes and see that character, a way that tunes each character in such a realistic fashion, and it is certainly admirable. The pace is steady and the ending is nicely done, engaging to say the least. I do believe that Holstein should add to this book synopsis, that it is a novella, so that readers aren’t surprised by the shorter book length.