Shadow and Friends Book 12: Family Reunion

In book 12, “Shadow and Friends Family Reunion” concludes the 12 book “Shadow and Friends” series. In Family and Friends, Foxy and Sparkles, Fox squirrels, and Shadow, a small dog look back over their first meeting and becoming friends and at all the adventures they took part in over the course of this series. In this fun picture book kids learn how a dog and two squirrels become friends. They go on a camping adventure, visit the mountains, take a European vacation, spend Christmas in Central Park, Uncle Stubby gets married in a Valentine Fairy Forest, they re-enact Ellsworth, KS, 150th birthday, memories of an ocean adventure in the Florida Keys, followed by visiting an enchanted forest, Meeting Mr. Rabbit, and his family, and finally the big costume party thanks to Digger digging up a treasure chest full of costumes. Children learn how to be friends with others from different cultures, and how to share in adventures. Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt teach how they keep their yard mowed and how they care for the wildlife that venture into their backyard. In these pages, memories of adventures are seen via cell phone pictures and wordage, all the animals are friendly and kind to each other. Lessons are learned in behavior, kindness, and taking care of wildlife. All characters are based on backyard wildlife and Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt.


“The gang comes together again in this backyard adventure with Shadow and all of his pals. One family befriends and cares for the critters in their own backyard and the animals celebrate with a big reunion. I loved how the authors brought in certain certain geographic areas to open up for greater learning. I was gifted this book for my homeschool students who absolutely love this series! Can’t help fall in love with the adorable characters and colorful font.”