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In America (Wayfarer Trilogy Book 3)

From Amazon: 2016 Chanticleer Media’s Chatelaine Book Awards Finalist Beautiful, headstrong Marcella Scimenti has the affection of a handsome neighborhood boy, the love of her large Italian family, and serious dreams of singing in Hollywood. But the course of true love—nor the journey to finding one’s true self—never did run smooth. In America follows the story of Marcella, the daughter of the characters at the center of Nina Romano’s continent-spanning Wayfarer Trilogy, as she comes of age in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in the late 1920s. In the trilogy’s heartwarming conclusion, Marcella must learn to balance new friendships, promising suitors, and life as a modern working girl with the expectations of her tradition-bound family, all against the backdrop of a looming economic depression and a changing world. Along the way, she unearths a devastating family secret that shakes her to her core and tests the boundaries of her love, loyalty, and faith.

My Review: What a great book! This story is a romance, but with multiple romances woven in like a silk thread as they blended perfectly together. The story takes place in mainly Brooklyn and Manhattan and is rich in Italian culture. Chinese and other cultures are woven throughout, but Italian is the major focus. I kept waiting for Marcella to make the right choice with Gianni. The passages describing foods and cooking made me think of my own style of cooking and simply knowing what and how much of an ingredient to use without a measuring cup or spoon. That is the mark of a great cook. This story has ties into organized crime and prohibition of time for which it is written. Five gold stars!!!!!

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The Martian Diaries: Vol.1 The Day Of The Martians #SciFi

The Martian Diaries: Vol.1 The Day Of The Martians

From Amazon: A New War Of The Worlds Begins as Martian Tripods Return To Earth! Winner of 5 awards in the 2020 Los Angeles Science Fiction Film Awards, Audio Drama category, together with volume 2 Lake On The Moon. The terror of the coming of the Martians is all but a distant memory, a bad dream that has faded with time…. All George wants is a quiet suburban life – but at breakfast one morning his newspaper reports the shocking discovery of a Martian cylinder, found intact and unopened, and carefully transported to London. Could it be from the first alien invasion and after more than seven years are there Martians still alive inside? By teatime George learns that vengeance seeking Martians and their tripod fighting machines are already on their way back. This time they are armed with a doomsday weapon, able to destroy all bacteria and completely annihilate Earth. The countless numbers of their projectiles form a huge green comet and invasion day will be just before Christmas. The first attack by aliens was enough for any lifetime, but who would expect to be involved with two? Can George and his wife escape this new Martian apocalypse and how will our planet survive a second time? The Day Of The Martians continues the iconic Mars novel by H.G. Wells, in this exciting, unmissable action adventure – the first volume of The Martian Diaries science fiction series.

My Review: The Martian Diaries was a short sci-fi read and engaging. As the story unfolds, it seems that all life on Earth would soon be over. From the trenches the battle commenced and the ending was twisted in a way I did not expect. Five stars.

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A Lesson on Love in Cobble Wynd #Romance

From Amazon: In 1911, fiercely independent school teacher Florence Cartwright finds herself taking up lodgings in the home of widower and local constable, Robert Hartigan. Whilst her host remains in an oblivious stupor, Florence does her best to help his three children with their own problems, putting herself in danger in the process. When higher powers force the couple to form a relationship much closer than either of them would wish, will they be able to overcome their own frustrations and resentments, and move on to something more fulfilling for them both? Whilst this second book in the Cobble Wynd series does feature some familiar characters from the first book, this story can certainly be read as a standalone novel.

My Review: This is a romance book that is a short read and a perfect standalone read as well. The story is endearing, the kids – I felt emotions for their situations, and life was hard circa 1911. I must add that this book and story is completely believable in every sense. Five stars.