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Christmas in the Highlands #romance

From Amazon: When Niamh Macdonald’s world crumbles, her roots call her home.
Step back to the snow-covered hamlet of Arden, a wilderness in the Scottish Highlands, with a picturesque castle, country cottages, log fires and lashings of hot chocolate. Will this New Year be the one where Niamh MacDonald’s dreams come true? When thirty-year-old artist Niamh Macdonald uncovers her boyfriend’s affair, she leaves her job and city life behind and flees home to the sleepy hamlet of Arden in the Scottish Highlands. Betrayed and hurt, it seems that true love is a myth. Having inherited her late grandmother’s cottage, she vows to make a fresh start and pursue her dream of a career as an artist. If all fails, she has a job waiting for her in the city. Love is the furthest thing on her mind until she bumps into her old friend, Alex Mackenzie, heir to Arden Castle. Alex reminds her of the beauty in the Highlands, and as her roots deepen in the sleepy hamlet of Arden, sparks fly between the pair. When Alex inadvertently scuppers Niamh’s plans, she wonders if she can ever trust him again. Can she make her home in Arden and can she ever forgive Alex?

My Review: This was a nice two hour romance set in Scotland. One laird, a castle, and two old friends who never let the other know of the deep love felt years ago. Broken marriage with one cheating, a mix of multiple emotions set around Christmas and ending with a natural aurora borealis.

Her Heart


Her Heart by Mary L. Schmidt is an inspiring and emotionally riveting story of a woman who, after years of abuse, can finally find love. Sarah is a warm-hearted nurse, a loving mother, and a women who experienced an unpleasant childhood. After years of abuse from a husband she doesn’t love she manages to leave with her son. Concerned for her son’s wellbeing, Sarah starts a new life on her own. Free of the abusive husband, and with a fresh start on life, Sarah has no intention of getting into a relationship or even thinking of marriage again. That is until an old friend from her past comes back into her life. Will Sarah believe she is worthy enough to be loved? Will she be able to trust again?

Mary L. Schmidt has written a powerful story that will inspire women who are going through the turmoil of abuse. Sarah’s…

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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fondant #CozyMystery

From Amazon: The third instalment of the cozy Baker’s Rise series is here, with Flora and Reggie facing some ghosts from the past! Fresh from her latest investigation, Lady of the Manor Flora is looking forward to a quiet Autumn, writing her children’s stories, serving customers in the tearoom, and learning how to make and decorate a traditional Christmas cake in time for the festive season.
What she doesn’t anticipate is the arrival of her ex-husband, declaring his undying love for her! Is he as lovesick as he declares, or does he have another reason for seeking Flora out? Of course, in true Baker’s Rise style, things get rather more complicated rather quickly, and Flora finds herself in the eye of a whole new storm. Packed with humour and suspense, colourful characters and a sprinkle of romance, this next Baker’s Rise Mystery will certainly leave you hungry for more! (Includes a Christmas Cake recipe!) Note from the author: Since the same quirky cast of characters feature in each installment of the Baker’s Rise Mysteries, the books are best enjoyed when read in order!

My Review: I found this mystery to be cozy and loving, along with a few never do well type of people to add drama into the mix. Romance is light yet ever present, and the mystery of certain events leaving the reader waiting to know how things would turn out.

Under the Mistletoe #romance

From Amazon: ‘Had me longing for snowflakes in the air… I read the book too quickly and need a new Sue Moorcroft already’ NetGalley review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Snuggle up with a mince pie, a cup of cocoa and the most heartwarming book this Christmas from the bestselling Sue Moorcroft. Christmas. A time for family, friends – and rekindling old flames… When Laurel returns to the village of Middledip, she’s looking for a quiet life. Adjusting to her recent divorce, she’s ready to spend some time getting back on her feet amidst the glorious snow-dusted countryside. Yet, life in Middledip is far from straightforward. Coming to the aid of her sister, Rea, as she navigates her own troubles, Laurel barely has a moment to think about where her own life is going. However, time stands still when she sees her old flame, Grady Cassidy – and it’s soon as if they’ve never been apart. But through her happiness, Laurel remembers why she left the village all those years ago, as she recalls a dark night and Grady’s once-wayward brother, Mac… Can Laurel learn to forgive and forget? Or will her chances of Christmas under the mistletoe with Grady remain a dream? An enchanting, festive read, perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan and Carole Matthews.

My Review: This has been a truly lovely romantic Christmas read that I finished up on Christmas Day! Fitting for this story. Love abounds and some social issues add angst and reality to a small village where everyone knows each other and are willing to help anyone without a second thought. Five stars.

No Sugar, Low Carb, Low Fat Cookies #repeat #great #cookies

Recipe for Sugar Free, Low Carb, Low Fat cookies and you can make most any flavor you like.

Preheat oven 350.

In bowl add one cup of Bisquick, one package sugar free pudding of your choice, 1/4 cup Splenda or your choice, and 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes, if desired. Blend well.

Make a well in mixture and add 1/4 cup Canola oil, one egg, one teaspoon vanilla, and 1/4 cup sugar free flavoring of choice (I used Dark Cherry).

Mix well, I just use a fork. Then spoon onto ungreased baking pan and bake for 10 minutes. Let set in pan for 30 minutes, then transfer to cookie plate, or whatever you want to place them in.

This makes one pan of cookies. Sugar free and low carb. I just baked Lemon with Dark Cherry and some unsweetened Coconut.