Her Heart

Visions of her Cherokee grandmother, Cordie flashed through Sarah’s mind as her abusive husband brutally raped her repeatedly shortly after giving birth. He took what he wanted, leaving her bloody body to be filled with years of physical pain and emotional scars that led her to believe she was worthless, and a happy life was hopeless. Sarah tried many times to leave but that was always futile. She felt useless. Her life was shattered once again when her oldest son, John, died at birth and Simon, her youngest endured a horrific cancer battle. With her only living son, Daniel she felt renewed strength knowing Cordie was watching over them always. She finally had the courage with the help of Cordie’s visions from the spirit world to leave her abusive husband and make a new life for her and her son. Her new oath to her and Daniel was that no one would ever hurt either of them. Romantic love never existed for Sarah, although she had room in her heart for love. Life taught her to be wary, until the day an old friend from her past, Aaron came back into her life. Would she finally find and know true love? Could Aaron break through the walls that surrounded her? Cordie’s Cherokee spirit helped guide Sarah. Dare she hope for love once? Could a real romance happen?


“The first thing about this touching story that amazes me is the ability of a terribly, abused woman’s ability to love at all. After a terrible childhood, followed by a marriage to a cruel, monster of a husband, Sarah’s heart is still capable of loving others. In the story, she’s devoted to her son and is an excellent mother. She’s also a nurse who’s not only competent, but compassionate. However, there’s one area where she holds back. Falling in love with a man and the idea of marriage are not up for discussion. Not only is Sarah afraid of more abuse, but she’s also deeply ashamed of her body. In that department, her views have been colored by the horrific brain washing she went through with her ex-husband.

When Sarah rekindles a friendship from high school, with a man named Aaron, we wonder what chance they have when it comes to love. It brings up questions about what it takes to be brave enough to open one’s heart when it’s only know pain from a former husband.

This story is narrated by Sarah, Sarah’s son, Danny, and Aaron. Each of them add their take on their lives and how they’re impacted by each other. When I finished the book, I was left with the feeling that no matter what, the human spirit is courageous and strong, strong enough to triumph over all the pain. Well done, Mary Schmidt!” ~ Sandy

“Her Heart was a beautiful story of loss, grief, and second chances. If you know Mary, then you know a lot of what happens in Her Heart is indeed, her heart. The story is a short one but is packed with love, doubts, learning to trust again, and the beauty of a blended family. The abuse aspect of the story is dealt with in both an open and honest manner, but also with a tender hand. Mary writes from the heart and you can’t go wrong with this short, but sweet and beautiful, romance.” ~ Katie Mettner

“This contemporary book is a touching tale of love told through the viewpoints of both the man and the woman as they explore their uncertain feelings, while attempting to overcome the fear from past relationships that clings to their hearts. The author also includes the viewpoint of one of the children, giving us a glimpse of how a youngster’s emotions are affected by the possibility of have a step-parent. A positive, uplifting story that left me with a pleasant aura of hope. Well worth reading!!” ~ Sandra Sperling