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Do the Right Thing …

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I had originally queued up this post with the thought of talking railing on about the seeming lack of compassion, sensitivity, concern – for their fellow human beings and the world at large – I’ve been witnessing for some time now from people everywhere (and not just politicians but also those close to home) who should definitely know better.

I decided instead to give you some examples of the ways average people, no matter what their income or expertise, can help others – even if it’s just a matter of including those others in our lives and making them feel welcome and wanted. I also added a video among these examples about helping the animals of the world, because we do share this planet, you know.

Personally, here are ways I have helped others …

For some years, I have promoted other authors free on my blogs. I’ve given them…

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Friday Musings


I have a lovely collection of poems, written by Denny Lancaster, and specifically gifted to me on one of my webpages many years ago. I took down that webpage a long time ago, although I still have all the design and html coding, etc. I’m thinking of honoring him with a small eBook only collection of some of these poems written specifically to and for me. The eBook would be permanently free forever. Just want to share his works with those who appreciate great poetry and to remember him. Thoughts?

Choosing to Live

She’s right. No one can move on until they have gone through the pain first,. Being an ostrich gets one no where whatsoever.

Many Faces of Cheri G

Time seems to be passing more quickly these days. I’ve been actually going out and choosing to live my life knowing how precious it can be and how quickly it can all be taken away.  I’ve been saying “yes” more, and leaving the relative comfort of my bedroom to actively participate in “the real world”.  (The “downside” to this, is that by actually doing things, I have less time to write about them, which is why my posts have been so sporadic lately.)

It’s as if I am finally pulling myself free of the viscous quagmire called grief.  Prying its cold fingers from around my heart (and ankles) and escaping its paralyzing grip.  Not that I can ever really be completely unburdened of it, but it seems that I have a bit more control over it all now.

I’m not foolish enough to think that it is something that I…

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An Angel’s Visit by The Faerie Keeper


Thursday, May 23, 2002

An Angel’s Visit
by The Faerie Keeper aka Denny Lancaster

Are you asleep as I write this?
Dreams on into the night?
Are you aware she has been here,
Seeing what you do write?

Did you hear her footsteps?
Hear her very breath?
Did you hear her stop,
At your place of rest?

I have seen an angels wings,
Gently brush your site;
She kissed it goodbye,
When she left tonight.

A smile upon her face,
The wind in her hair,
Her style full of grace,
I saw her leaving here.

Are you asleep as I write this?
Dreams on into the night?
Are you aware she has been here,
Seeing what you do write?

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