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How To: Access the (BETTER) OLD WordPress Admin (and Media)…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Following on from the previous two media storage (and money) saving tips – I forgot to mention that it’s better to use the OLD admin media – NOT the NEW admin media.

Here are the first three steps to get into it:

I’ve given an explanation on top of each image below – hope it helps.

When you see your media, ensure you select the hatch Dixon as marked.

Then select the image you want to resize:

On the right you will see the dimensions and file size (weight)

Press the Edit Image button indicated

Now double click inside either box and type in the new size you want.

Then, either, use the little arrow (top right) to go to the next image, or, click on the x (top right) which will take you back to Step 4.

At any time, you can click the x to finish – the…

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Talking about “A Writer’s Path Writers Club”


Hello everyone! A fellow blogger of A Writer’s Path, Ryan Lanz, has announced the launch of his new initiative: A Writer’s Path Writers Club.

After looking at the writing market for years, he noticed a need for a Writers Club of this kind. Sure, there are Facebook groups, writers groups, etc., but there aren’t many associations that are more than just a gathering of writers.

He wanted to create a club where the sole purpose of it is to solve headaches for writers. Here are some of the headaches he’s looking to solve:

  • It’s hard to find reviewers for my book
  • Writing-related service providers (editors, book cover designers, etc.) are expensive
  • I don’t know if my writing is good enough and I need feedback
  • I need more promotion for my book
  • I don’t know if my blurb or summary is good enough
  • Not enough readers know my book exists

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The dusty world of Star Ratings

Beyond The Pyre

There’s plenty of debate around involving book reviewers and readers about what prompts them to award five star reviews (or less). So I decided to explore thoughts posted on ‘’ I discovered how people don’t share the same criteria for awarding five stars. Star ratings become a very dusty issue.

Similarly, I remember considerably heated discussions during one of my postgraduate courses at university about the assessment of feedback given by students on a range of courses. We are human beings and our assessment criteria vary considerably. There are differences just as there are similarities but where we are at any given point in our lives affects how we think about things.

I’m not going to write a conclusion to this post and after reading the opinions of readers and a few writers from Goodreads, you may understand why. Reviewing a book is based on the reader’s opinion. A five…

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Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards November 2017



Pre-Award show picture above! Miami was a blast! Our book, The Big Cheese Festival won a Bronze Medal for year 2017 at Reader’s Favorite! What a whirlwind packed weekend. Hotel pictures below. 




A few award pictures…





Now for a few fun pictures! Awesome time meeting authors we had connected with on social media in person!


Joss Landry and husband Gil




Even our airline had squirrel recommended nuts! LOL


List of 2017 medalists found here: https\:// please visit this link to see the amazing authors. 

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U.S. Copyright Registration May Get Easier and Cheaper

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

Back in August, the Library of Congress submitted a rulemaking proposal to simplify and streamline the deposit requirements for copyright registration. In brief, if such changes are made, publishers of most literary works and sheet music will be required to supply only one copy of these works with copyright registration applications and fees (the current requirement is for two copies). This will cut registration costs, and is anticipated to also cut down processing time for registrations.

The window for public comments has now closed, but there has been no announcement of an official change in policy, so don’t let news of this proposal delay a decision to protect your work by registering your copyright. For the best level of legal protection, the Copyright Office recommends registering within three months of publication, or definitely BEFORE copyright infringement occurs.

You can read a summary of the proposed rulemaking hereand see the…

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