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Review: “When Angels Fly”

This is the inspirational story about a woman who was able to rise above an extremely abusive childhood and later marriage, to learn faith, love, and motherhood from her own son’s courageous fight with cancer. It provides an illuminating example of how women who are in physically, mentally and emotionally abusive relationships can successfully escape even in the most challenging of times. It also warns of how the actions of medical professionals can be a soothing balm or a deadly arrow.  The story draws the reader into the life of a mother and her wonderful little boy who is strong beyond his years and who leaves a lasting impression on all who knew him. ~ M. Gielas, Photographer

Excerpt: When Angels Fly

June 14, 1990 – Thursday

I woke at 5 AM this morning and Eli had slept all night long. I had all of Eli’s cares completed by 8 AM and Henry arrived thirty minutes later.  I could just tell by his demeanor and the look on his face that he was intent on causing trouble and my heart sank.

The EU social workers came in and a discussion was held while Eli was receiving some packed red cells before going home. Social Services deemed it was not safe for Eli to go home due to Henry; they said they could not ensure Eli’s safety therefore they would not allow Eli to go home. After the hospital staff left Eli’s room, Henry just looked at me and sneered, then he walked out of the room leaving both Eli and I crying.  I held my son in my chair bed and just soothed him the best I could, and then when Eli quieted down, I phoned Hannah and we both spoke with her and Noah. Then I called my lawyer to let him know what had happened.

After touching up my makeup, I took Eli down to the gift shop to pick out a couple toys. I did not have the heart to leave Eli to go to my car and retrieve some of the items I had packed earlier so Eli chose two new toys and we went back to his room. Eli and I were both depressed at not leaving, but he played and watched movies until he was tired and sleepy. I was literally cursing Henry before I fell asleep.


Excerpt: When Angels Fly

July 15, 1990 – Sunday

The days ran together and my worries built up on top of each other. My stress headaches were worse, yet with all the pain I felt in so many ways, Eli’s pain must be so much worse; more than I could even begin to imagine. Eli’s HGB was 7.1 this morning so a blood transfusion would occur soon. Henry would not leave me alone most of the day and nurses had to intervene at times. This was not good for Eli. I both hated and pitied Henry in a way.

AngelSam09Feb2016In the late afternoon, Ella and Riley phoned into Eli’s room. I knew they taped the entire conversation, they always did and it never ended.  They tried to upset me, but their plan backfired. Towards the end of the conversation, I found out that Henry, Noah, and Gavin had gone back to Durango.  This meant Noah was at Bow Mar, and fear rippled through my whole being.

I fell into a restless sleep tonight with Eli at my side. He and I just simply gave each other comfort; my little boy living a hell, of a life extended comfort to his mom while she, with feet dangling also toward the pits of hell, tried so much to share with her son a taste of Heaven on Earth.  If only it were simple.

Damn Cancer!!!!