Shadow and Friends Book 2: Shadow and Friends Go Camping


Shadow and Friends Go Camping is about one small dog and three squirrels, who go camping. After obtaining permission to camp, a wise squirrel teaches the young ones how to stay safe on land and in a boat. This story book helps children learn how to be safe when they are in a new area, and illustrates that children always need to keep the adults in their lives aware of, and obtain permission for outdoor activities. Camping and water safety is explained so that children can understand the importance of what could happen if they don’t listen to parents and teachers.


“It was an awesome story. My 8 year old grandsons said they love camping too. It is an excellent learning story about camping. That other children will enjoy it! I received this book from the author and I am voluntarily giving a review. I highly recommend it for everyone.” ~ Bernadette Hopke

“Really cute story. I read it to the neighbor kids and they enjoyed it very much. Can’t wait to visit the grand kids!” ~ Susan Vance, Author

“It was cute. More for the little ones than me, but I won this book so I might as well read it. Lol.” ~ Author J L Clayton