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Red, White and Boom!

My Review: Yes. This book is the Boom! A great mystery and suspense wrapped up in an idyllic island setting. All the drama, the suspects, who had motive, and more. I wasn’t sure who killed Jake but when I read the word “foxglove” I knew who killed Bert. As a nurse, foxglove is medicinal heart medication, when use appropriately and checking the patient’s heart rate before giving a tablet. It’s also poisonous in larger amounts. Toss in a bit of narcissistic behavior from one or two characters and mental illness in another and the drama ensues. Five stars for this book!

Want a Stronger Manuscript? Read It Aloud – by Becca Puglisi… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Editing freaks a lot of people out. Drafting is creative and inspirational, and every writer LIVES for that moment when you get into the groove and the words just flow. But editing is kind of the opposite. It’s analytical, with a rigid set of rules that have to be followed. I think this is why […]

Want a Stronger Manuscript? Read It Aloud – by Becca Puglisi… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Monday #Art by @MaryLSchmidt #ASMSG

Alone – one tree at sunset
Castle Mine – with moat or do you prefer it called a mansion?
Castle Mine – or rather a fortress!
Fresh Snow – Snow, nature, and stone structures are my favorites to paint.

Enjoy. I love sharing these on my blog along with books I’ve read and author interviews. As always, my gallery is found here.

Baubles to Die For

From Amazon: Gifted sleuth Page Wright’s inner world is anything but ordinary, yet her outer world craves a revamp from her mountain bookshop’s continuing demands. A summer escape to her beloved cottage on Shell Isle with cousin Betsy Ross always promised fun and relaxation…until this latest holiday. Two constants exist that Page can’t escape: Betsy’s spicy culinary fiascos she’s obliged to chase with endless antacids, and the special guidance she receives from ‘inklings’ when her sleuthing gifts are needed. While the ever-curious Page and Betsy savor lunch at the Bistro, the sleuth observes a cryptic exchange between her la-di-da neighbor, Catherine Lange, and a seedy-looking guy sitting a few feet away. Their words travel across the café’s table on a paper napkin. However, it’s the pistol passed under the table that awakens Page’s first inkling that unknown forces are conspiring to muck-up her and Betsy’s carefree sojourn. The cousins witness subsequent sightings of Catherine, dripping in her canary diamond jewelry and making ominous threats to five people in her inner circle. On alert now that trouble lurks, Page must entice an always reluctant Betsy to help when the nudge comes to act, knowing time is pressing.

My Review: Baubles to Die For! Wow. Where do I start???? How do I not giveaway the story? Two cousins travel to Shell Isle for a vacation at their dead aunt’s gifted home to Betsy. The local is gorgeous. Page seems to find her way into mysteries and murders rather I intuitively. The man in the cottage next door works for the FBI. Mayhem ensues, thefts occur, and a woman is murdered. The story is tightly woven and I couldn’t figure out the main culprit until the end. Five stars!

Don’t Let The Comma Before Which Confuse You – by Derek Haines… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

on Just Publishing Advice: When do you use a comma before which? The answer is easy. Yes. You use a comma when the word which introduces a nonrestrictive phrase, which is also called a non-defining clause. No. You don’t add a comma when which comes before a restrictive or defining clause. No. There is no […]

Don’t Let The Comma Before Which Confuse You – by Derek Haines… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights

Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights 

by George Yuhasz

From Amazon: On a night when the sky is full of stars, sometimes there appears light that cannot be explained, even by the smartest astronomers… Evelyn is a little girl who lives with her parents and brother in a house with a big backyard. On nights when the sky is filled with brightly shining stars, she loves to go outside before bed to see the Milky Way and the Big Dipper and dream about the planets. But Evelyn has a secret: She is able to see flashes of light streaking across the night sky that no one else can see. And she’ll soon learn that her secret is actually a wonderful gift!

My Review: What a wonderful story for children. The illustrations are lovely and the word count is perfect in line with children learning how to use their imagination. Samples of a little girl and her imaginations are delightful and helps readers expand their own imaginations. Children are encouraged to reach for the stars themselves. Five stars.

I Love You More

From Amazon:

I love you more than the wind loves to blow.

I love you more than the rivers love to flow.

So please ask me how much I will love you today,

And, Sweet Baby, I will always have this to say,

I love you more,

I love you more,

I love you more.

My Review: This book is enchanting with the drawings and the rhymes of the story. I tell my own son all the time, “I love you more” or “I love you big bunches” on the phone or by text. Children need to know they are loved. This story enables that. Five stars.

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