Shadow and Friends Book 9: Visit the Enchanted Forest

“This enchanting fairy tale, Shadow and Friends Visit the Enchanted Forest, brings forth children’s vivid imaginations after receiving an Enchanted Invitation and Enchanted Key that unlocks a hidden door in an Enchanted Tree. Finding the secret door, they open the door with the magical key, and are greeted by an Enchanted Fairy, Lisa, whom they give the key to. Amazing sights are seen such as a Mushroom Family, a beautiful Festival of Lights with speaking butterflies and flowers, time spent at an Apple Harvest Festival, and Mushroom Houses. Truly a land of make-believe and children’s faces alight with pure joy. Children love amazing adventures and this one is full of all kinds of make-believe stories.” 

Review #1: Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

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Shadow and his friends have received a special invitation to visit the Enchanted Forest. Off they go, meeting magical fairies and mysterious creatures, unusual mushrooms (actually, they’re an enchanted mushroom family complete with faces) and even mushroom houses. They can’t eat the mushrooms as they’re enchanted. They are invited to an apple festival, but, once again, they can’t eat the apples, even though they smell so good. The apples can talk, too. There’s even an enchanted acorn that tempts Shadow’s friend, Foxy, but he’s told he can’t eat the acorn. Even the flowers come alive and the friends are invited to a fairy house. Such an imaginative adventure.

S. Jackson, A. Raymond and M. Schmidt’s picture book story, Shadow and Friends Visit the Enchanted Forest, is a wonderful fairy tale. With beautiful, vividly colored illustrations, this enchanting story will appeal to readers of all ages, especially those with the most vivid imaginations possible and the ability to believe in anything. The young reader will follow the animal friends on their simple adventure and learn the importance of restrictions and doing what they’re told (like don’t eat the mushrooms or the apples). At each stop on the journey through the Enchanted Forest, Shadow and his friends learn more about the beauty
and passion of the imaginative forest and how important it is to take care of it and to follow the rules. This is a genuine adventure of make-believe, full of fantastical possibilities that will encourage young readers to explore their own imaginations.

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