Shadow and Friends Book 5: Shadow and Friends Spend Christmas in New York


In Shadow and Friends Spend Christmas in New York, a fox squirrel named Stubby receives an invitation from his twin, Shorty, to spend Christmas with him and his squirrel family and friends in Central Park. Stubby invites Shadow, a small dog, and his squirrel family to go with him. They board the Rodent Road Adventure Tours jet, flown by Pilot, and Shorty greets them with a hello from atop the Empire State Building as they fly past! Not only do children learn safety and are introduced to the Eastern Gray Squirrels that range on the east coast of the USA, they have many fun adventures. In this delightful and funny book for children, the squirrels and Shadow learn about the huge Central Park in the middle of New York City. Children are entertained by the adventures of the group as they build a snowman, and Foxy goes shopping at Saks on Fifth Avenue. They decorate a Christmas tree, go ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and decorate a float for the annual Central Park Christmas Squirrel Parade! Add to this mix a few rocking horses, teddy bears, nutcrackers, candy cane castle, angels, elves, and a manger scene, and children are entertained. On Christmas Eve, all of them go to the Central Park Chapel, and celebrated the birth of baby Jesus! Targeted at ages 4-11, this book is easy to read and perfect for home or classroom. This story illustrates how beautiful Central Park is in winter, and the illustrations will fascinate children and adults. 


“Who doesn’t like a good Christmas story, especially a tale about animals enjoying holidays in New York! “Shadow and Friends Spend Christmas in New York” evokes all of the joy and wonder that Central Park has to offer.

This is a fun Christmas book about Shadow and his twin Stubby spending Christmas with their animal friends in New York’s Central Park. Squirrels on ice skates! What could be cuter? The mixture of illustrations and photography is very artistic. Through the eyes of Stubby and Shorty, readers can enjoy Christmas glides, the tallest Christmas tree, sparkling Christmas lights, nutcrackers, rocking horses, candy castles, floating angels, and fun chubby elves.

Chic, amusing, and able to fit into any stocking, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the magical way the greatest city in the world celebrates the most wonderful time of the year. The sidewalk Santa’s, taxis, bell ringers, festive stores dressed in decorations, horses and carriages, all wonderful reminders of what the holiday’s spirit is all about. Readers will appreciate the good story line and enjoy the creative artwork displayed in this book. Nobody celebrates Christmas like New York. No city gets dressed up like New York. It’s a feast for the eyes. Happiness and good cheer on every corner, and the animals in this book represent the perfect mood of Christmas celebration. An ideal holiday gift for anyone who has ever visited the New York City area during the holiday season!” ~ Mrs.D

“Shadow and Friends Spend Christmas in New York” is a cute and hilarious book for those with children of all ages, and certainly hits age target range of 4–11. My grandchildren loved hearing about the adventures of one small dog and a squirrel family. They loved the illustrations of Central Park, and they laughed at seeing Shadow and her squirrel friends on ice skates! This delightful story kept them engaged with all the Christmas floats, rocking horses, teddy bears, nutcrackers, one candy cane castle, angels, and elves. As a Christian, I loved how the authors wove in Jesus’ birth, and made this children’s book to be Christian as well. This book is perfect for home, schools, and libraries. I highly recommend this book.” ~ Susan Vance, Author, Leaving Savannah.

‘This book warmed my heart at the same time it made me laugh out loud! The combination of illustrations and photography is very funny and seems to be done tongue-in-cheek. Yet they’re done in a way that a child will absolutely adore because they’re so child-like and simple and so darn cute. The story reads in the way that you would tell a story to a child, with simple phrases and straight to the point. But that does not take away from it. What child doesn’t love a great little story, full of detail and whimsy, with adventure and a happy ending, after all? I highly recommend this book for children of all ages. And for adults that like to ‘tell’ stories aloud to their children at bedtime rather than always reading them. This gives that sort of opportunity, but with funny pictures, to boot!” ~ elizR ~ Verified Purchase 


2016 Reader’s Favorite Five Stars