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Guide! Making Facebook page for Small Business

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Facebook has turn much than fair activity games, responsibility tabs on your friends, and doing confused quizzes all day polysyllabic. Today, writer grouping than ever are using the powerfulness of Facebook to gestate the products and services that they require. Likewise, Facebook represents a large opportunity for petite businesses. When done right, your Facebook marketing strategy can beautify a highly-effective puppet. You can dispersion the language almost your products and services, kind sales, and infix with your customers in a customer-friendly way.

If you really deprivation to get the most out of your Facebook Writer, here are whatsoever grievous things you condition to do:


  • Alter out your full profile. Don’t work. The statesman message you worship, the easier it instrument be for readers to trust you.
  • Don’t just use an own Facebook attender to promote your byplay. Having a commercialism industrialist adds laurels of professionalism.
  • Lie into applications…

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How to Apply for a Copyright Online – by Mona Bushnell…

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Don’t pay a service to apply for a copyright.

Save your money and DIY with our handy step-by-step guide.

If you want to protect your ideas and prevent them from being replicated or stolen, you’re probably considering applying for a copyright.

Luckily for you, the process is easy and doesn’t even require tearing yourself away from the internet.

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How To Use ProWritingAid As Your Coach And Writing Editor – by Derek Haines…

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Every writer would like to have an editor

In a perfect world, having an editor to rely on would be your preference. But in reality, we know that the cost of hiring a professional is beyond the reach of the majority of writers.

There are many self-help, short story and fiction writers using self-publishing today. But it is unrealistic to think that all of them can afford to pay for someone to help in the writing and editing process.

But there is an expectation from readers that when they buy a book or even read a blog post or online news article, that the texts will be perfect.

If you read some of the major newspapers online, you will know that even with professional copy and line editors, mistakes still occur.

However, that is not an excuse. You should always be looking for ways to improve your writing…

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Ten Things I love Most in the World

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

DSCF0617.JPGTen Things I love Most in the World…

1. Mother Nature has been the number one love in my life for longer than I can remember. My idea of heaven would be to live in a forest with a river nearby.

2.  The way I feel about horses goes way beyond love. Sometimes I think I must have been a horse in a former life, from the strong and powerful connection I seem to have with them.

3.  I have always been a bit of a freak for thunderstorms. The noise, barely contained power and the majesty of the lightning speaks to me in ways I cannot describe.

4.  Whenever I have spare time, and even when I don’t, I have to track down a puzzle. It can be a jigsaw, a computer game, or a simple game of solitaire. My idea of heaven.

5.  Something about the…

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20 Tips to Proofread Like A Professional

The Haunted Pen

The Haunted Pen - Proofread Like A ProProofreading. Some writers love it, some writers despise it. But whatever your feelings, proofreading is your final task when preparing to share your words with the world.

Writers often read their words the way they believe they wrote them, not how they actually wrote them. This means spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors, such as poor sentence structure, wrong choice of words and punctuation can all go unnoticed by the writer. These factors impact the context and readability of the work.

The good news is that proofreading skills can be learned, developed and improved. Where is the best source for information on learning how to proofread, I hear you ask (at least I hope you are).

Fear not my friends, help is at hand and The Haunted Pen is here to save the day!

The best source for hands-on information is a professional proofreader – someone who has spent years…

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