Shadow and Friends Book 11: Costume Party

By S. Jackson, A. Raymond, & M. Schmidt

Shadow and Friends Costume Party

In the Shadow and Friends series, book 11 is a fun picture book about a costume party that brings all the neighborhood wildlife into the Schmidt family backyard for a fun costume party. The squirrels, Shadow, a small dog, and her boyfriend, Max were invited and so was the Rabbit family. Uncle Stubby’s son, Digger, was digging in his favorite area and he dug up a treasure chest full of costumes. They decided to have a costume party for all their friends and family. Digger’s mom and grandma created a beautiful castle garden in a fantasy forest in the Schmidt backyard! Stone walls and footbridges dotted the area and castle torches created a fantasy scene for the costume party. Since Digger found the treasure chest, he dressed as a pirate. They all wore different costumes, and Mr. Troll stopped by to visit. Costumes included a queen, a knight, two Ninja Turtles, Bo Peep, a Koala bear, a dragon, a skunk, and a real unicorn! Stubby and Cindy Mouse arrived in time for dancing, playing, and eating. All the animals were friendly and kind to each other. Children learn how Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt care for the wildlife roaming near their home. Lessons were learned in behavior, kindness, and taking care of wildlife.  

Review: “Number ONE bestseller! S. Jackson’s Book 11 Shadow and Friends Costume Party is a must-buy for parents looking to give their children superior entertaining educational content; the book is beautifully illustrated and enchantingly written. It teaches children about how one family adores the wildlife visiting their backyard and how lovingly one family cares for their backyard animal friends. Digger the squirrel is funny and chivalrous, as are all the other animal characters in this treasure chest for the soul. Every child will be delighted to read this story or have this story read to them. Especially important at this time in history, the book teaches children how to play with each other and to enjoy and value each other’s unique personalities and origins. The animal characters are beautiful, intriguing, colorful, loving, and are all friends. On a literary level, the book also alludes to Alice In Wonderland, which should spark the interest of young literary minds. Unconditionally recommended to parents and children!!!”


2021 New York Book Festival – Honorable Mention