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Here’s to 2019!


It is here, almost! I want to take this moment in time to wish all of my family and friends a Joyful New Year 2019! We can’t do over 2018, but we can make 2019 the best it can be for everyone we know an don’t know. I don’t have new year resolutions per se, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything I plan to do more of either. For me, life is what it is, and I intend to make the best of it. I also intend to carry on with as much kindness as possible to all. These aren’t resolutions, they are life, learned from past mistakes, having been critically ill this past year and more. To that end, Happy New Year 2019! 


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Grammar Is A Must-But Lose That English Teacher Writing! (Revisited)

Writing your first novel-Things you should know

English teacherI wasn’t an English major, but I never had a problem with stringing words together and making coherent, easy to read sentences. I know most of the rules, but I also know those rules are meant to be broken, especially if you are writing fiction.

The purpose of English Teacher grammar is to understand how to create sanitized, standardized, easy to understand, impersonal, inoffensive writing. If you’re looking for a job writing pamphlets for the government, instructional manuals, or news reports, then that’s the way to go.

These rules aren’t meant for fiction. That does not mean your story shouldn’t be grammatically and structurally sound. We are talking about styles here, not mechanics.

Fiction writing is nonstandardized, complex, personal, and occasionally offensive. It is the best way to reach into your readers head and show him your words. In order to bring your voice to life and get your world on the…

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It’s A Beautiful Ending

It is a beautiful thing…

Regina Puckett

Santa carrying sack of gifts  against snow sceneIt’s A Beautiful Ending

Regina Puckett


I’ve always looked forward to Christmas Day

All of its hustle, bustle and maddening fray

I love the happiness on my loved ones faces

I love the gift giving and all of its many graces

I love the lights twinkling and jingle bells ringing

I love the children’s laughter and off-key singing

I love the joy of gathering the family together

I love the frost covered trees and cold weather

But above all – I love the way we all become one

It’s a beautiful ending to when the old year is done

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Merry Christmas!!


Wishing all of my family and friends a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring what you most need. 


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Can Words Be Dangerous?

Jo Robinson

Writers all have their own quirks. They all have different ways of coping with stress or “writers block”. For me, writers block has never been a real thing in a way that I couldn’t write anything at all, but it has been a thing insofar as what I could write joyfully. I love writing non-fiction and I love research, but writing fiction has always been the thing that I do that makes me happier than doing anything else. Fiction writers hold the universe in their hands, and they can literally do anything with it. I think it comes with a responsibility though. Good fiction can change minds, and sometimes it can change lives.

I’ve always had a broad spectrum of genres that I enjoy to read in both fiction and non-fiction. History, good literary works, humour, and horror. In my teens there was a short sojourn into soppy romances but…

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