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Self-Editing Tips

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Hi, SE Readers. Joan here today. I’ve been in the editing mode of late. It never ceases to amaze me how many mistakes I find. I edit, then I send pages to my critique partners thinking I’ve got a pretty clean copy. They find other things I’ve missed. So, I edit some more.

Whether you are traditionally published or an Indie author, self-editing is an absolute must. There is no substitute for hiring a professional editor, but there are a few tips writers can do before submitting that manuscript to an editor, publisher, or even beta readers.

Look for “crutch” words

Every author tends to rely on what I call crutch words. These are different for every writer, but reading through your finished manuscript will enable you to become familiar with your own. As you review, look for repeated words or phrases. Some of my crutch words are well, perhaps…

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3 Things to Know About Marketing Historical Fiction Novels

A Writer's Path

by J. U. Scribe

What’s your favorite genre? For some it’s romance, others it’s fantasy, sci-fi, or maybe a mystery/thriller. For those that know me well I enjoy reading a variety of genres, so it’s hard to pick one genre over another when I enjoy different books spanning across the many genres of fiction. However if you were to ask me what genre is your favorite to write, in my answer would be a bit more concise.

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How to keep in touch with your book when your writing routine is disrupted

Nail Your Novel

I’d planned a post about self-editing. But then I thought – really, Roz? This close to the holidays, who cares?

Indeed, it’s more likely that the seasonal ding-dong is turning your routine downside up. If that’s merry and welcome, great.

But some of us (including me) get panicky about losing touch with our work.

This post is for you.

Don’t fight it

Resolve to do smaller sessions on your book. To stave off anxiety about your slower progress:

1 Figure out how much time you can regularly set aside, realistically.

2 Make a schedule.

If you do this, you’re in control. You’re making a plan you can stick to. Goodwill henceforth.

How to think small

Here are ways to think smaller while still making progress.

1 If you use wordcount targets, reduce them, obvs – then surprise yourself when your concentration lets you exceed it.

1.5 Or turn the limited…

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Switching Literary Agents: Two Agents Offer Advice – by Sangeeta Mehta…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Jane Friedman site:

Earlier this year, the book publishing world was rocked by stories of unethical behavior by literary agents.

On the one hand, this news was disheartening to hear.

On the other hand, it opened up a candid discussion on social media about how different agents communicate with their clients and approach the submissions process.

This led to a bigger discussion about how to distinguish between an agent who is unfit for the job—and an agent who is fit for the job but a mismatch for a particular client, and vice versa.

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Books and Free Downloads About the Business of Self-Publishing – Guest Post by Jaq D Hawkins…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Writers are always looking for information on marketing these days whether they are self-published or have chosen the traditional publishing route. As even the big publishers encourage the authors themselves to take a big share of the publicity burden, we are all getting thrown into the same pool to sink or swim.

With that in mind, I came across a book recently with a title that promised information on how to publish and market a specific genre of book. I got a sample and had a look first at the table of contents. What I saw there inspired me to write this article, shedding a little light on a phenomena that I’ve been noticing across different media for some time now.

There are many books, articles and blog posts that give good advice on various aspects of publishing and marketing. The thing is, most of them are telling us the…

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Me and You


This post is all about me… and my husband… but mostly about me, and you, the reader. Recently, we were in Miami, Fl. to receive our Bronze medals for our audio-book, When Angels Fly. That is right! We did it again. “When Angels Fly” is the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Winner in the Non-Fiction – Audio-book genre!” Before I get involved with this news, I wish to share another picture with you, my readers. This one is from last year and the awards of our book, The Big Cheese Festival. Note: One Huge Difference. 100 Pound Difference!! 



Seriously, 100 pounds lost in one year! How did I do this? Well, that is what this blog post is actually about. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I gained 100 excess pounds when my nursing career was cut short due to my failing health. Then I decided that I HATED my image, at the awards, wearing a size 3X Dress! That motivated me to Take Back My Life

That is my story. It has taken strong will, grit, and determination to lose the excess, but I persevered in doing this in about nine months. How did I do this??

1. I love chocolate and have found sugar free Hagen Daz ice cream. A few bites and that is enough. I don’t eat sugar and I use Stevia instead.

2. Drink one bottle of water before eating and you will eat less. Your stomach will feel fuller faster! 

3. Go for protein the most consisting of lean meats, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and nuts. Crock pot the meat and don’t bread and fry it. 

4. Eat fresh veggies such as tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers, and broccoli.

5. Eat fresh berries and I love blueberries. I eat one or two strawberries regularly. 

6. My nuts are unsalted and I eat almonds and peanuts.

7. I love a banana each morning and my K+ (potassium) stays on track.

8. I no longer have to take medicine for cholesterol. I’m in the normal range!

9. I no longer take blood pressure medicine!!! 

10. Use portion control when you eat meals. DON’T go back for second helpings. We eat out less except when traveling.

11. I take a generic Multiple Vitamin, Vitron C, Folic Acid, and B12 every morning, and some exercise will help you lose faster. 

****** You must make sure you check with your doctor regarding this diet and over the counter medications. Check with your doctor regarding exercise, too. ******

This is my story. I went from obesity and stomach ulcers to normal weight and no ulcers. You can do this, too!

At my heaviest…. trust me in that I wore a size 3X dress. I was ashamed and so embarrassed. Now I wear a size 8 dress!! I also wear size 6 and size 8 stretch skinny jeans!!!


I feel better! I’m stable on my feet again! I can walk further and NOT be short of breath! I’m now on four liters of oxygen per minute instead of five! My left knee was going to be replaced due to pain and unable to do steps. Now that I’m 100 pounds less my knee doesn’t hurt!! I don’t need knee surgery. It was the extra 100 pounds that caused my knee grief! I have stayed in my self imposed weight range for a couple of months now! …and I use exclamation points to help motivate any reader into losing excess weight, if you have excess. 


Love, Mary

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Add Authenticity By Exploiting Experience

Writing your first novel-Things you should know

untitled.pngAdd authenticity to your writing by exploiting your experiences. Use what you know and what you’ve gone through as a person.

Nicolas Spark’s books are set in North Carolina. Why? He lives in North Carolina. He’s familiar with the towns and the customs of the south.

Beyond settings, think of embarrassing moments in your life where you simply wanted to disappear or have a do-over. Is there something there that could be used with your main character. You should have no problem defining the moment. You went through it and have all the raw emotions tucked away in your brain somewhere.

We all go through cycles in our life. I’m in the midlife cycle and often wonder if I’ll ever be successful or do anything meaningful in life. What is my purpose? Think about putting your characters in similar situations to your own. It will help you to connect…

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Save Time! Create a Document Template in Scrivener.

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All writers face the blank screen and think about what they’re going to write. Too often we start and realize we didn’t format properly and stop, then get distracted by something else and we’ve lost our train of thought all too quickly. Getting started can be daunting enough without spending time getting everything just right in your word processor.

Well, in Scrivener there’s a good way to beat back all that pre-writing distraction so you can sit down with your ideas and write. Who wants to lose their ideas while setting brand new, all over again? The answer is to make a template within your project. You may have heard of making a project template but how do you make a template within a project? Just follow these instructions.

  1. Create a folder within the project and designate it as the Template folder by clicking on Project and Set Selection as Template…

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