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Does it get any easier after losing a child?  Somewhat…

Is it possible for a parent to be happy their child/children are perfect in Heaven above… and feel peace with that?  Sure… (It took me twenty-three years for Eli and somewhat less for Joshua.)

Can a parent ever “get over” losing a child?  No.  This is the KING of loss.  We can be happy that they are perfect in Heaven and sad at times when we miss them the most.

Bereaved parents are continually re-writing each day, as they try to cope with their new “normal.”  This won’t change.  We will think of our loss when other children reach milestones such as their first tooth, first steps, first words, kindergarten, holidays, best friend, graduation, prom, falling in love, first kiss, learning to drive, getting married… the list is endless. There will always be reminders of our loss.

The WORST things you can ever say to a parent who has suffered the KING of loss, even after one, ten, twenty, or more years?  “You should be over it by now,” or “Move on with life.”  You see, we are moving on with life. We just do it one hour… one day at a time… re-writing life as we go along.

 ~ M. Schmidt aka S. Jackson, October 2014

The Little Things


Today, and everyday, is truly a day in which to be thankful for all the little things in life that we sometimes take for granted, or are completely  not fully aware of. Yes, we give thanks for family, friends, a roof over our heads, a job, food, shelter, warmth, etc., but we don’t always think about the little things.

Today ~ I challenge everyone reading this to think of ten little things in which you are grateful for having. Two little things that come to mind are a toothbrush and toothpaste. We take those two little items for granted, yet some poor countries, and some in the outback, have absolutely no idea of what those two items are, or how they are to be used. Our homeless go without those two items as well. Now that you have two of ten little things to be grateful for, can you come up with eight more? 

Thank you Father for all things you provide for us, through our own work, that you provided for us. We lift up prayers for those in desperate need of basics and health problems. Amen. 

One of its Legs are Both the Same


One of its Legs are Both the Same by Mike Cavanagh

I just read this book by Mike Cavanagh and my review follows the author’s blurb found on Amazon.

“Do you know what makes you, you? Mike thought he did, until a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome in his sixties made him rethink who he was, and how he got there. ‘One of its Legs are Both the Same’ is Mike’s memoir of being, as his mum would say, different. An intriguing and rollicking tale of the hippie era of the early 1970s, featuring murderous rats, painfully low door lintels, angry spiders and a rabid duck.”

As a late 1960’s and all of 1970’s child, I found myself reliving some of the funnier parts of my youth.  Cavanagh has woven a tapestry of highly descriptive narration, filled with extremely vivid memories of his youth. In doing so, Cavanagh finally realizes why he was different from his peers, as he was finally diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome in his 60’s. He had always known, and been told numerous times, that he was different from other children, but never knew the cause until he was in his 60’s. I found myself laughing, a lot, as I read, and throwing in the Aussie slang made this memoir more memorable. This memoir is a truly funny, yet frank narrative that will stay with me for some time to come.



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A New Chapter…

Awesome lady!

Scribblings of a Southern Belle

Hello, bloggers!

It’s been a week since I took a step towards my dream and I couldn’t be happier.

Very few people are aware of this, but I am no longer tied down to a full-time job. That’s right, friends, I QUIT MY JOB!!! And it was such a wonderful feeling, such a powerful feeling! Relief… Freedom… Happiness…


Now, you may think I’m crazy, but I assure you, I am not. For once in my life, I am thinking about myself, my dreams, my passions. It’s time to focus on what I want my career to be, which is writing. The whole package… being an author, a freelancer, a researcher and a reader & reviewer.

My first step in this new chapter was to create a new site, one geared towards my writing and freelancing. Well, that site is now up and running at, and I’m gradually…

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