One of its Legs are Both the Same


One of its Legs are Both the Same by Mike Cavanagh

I just read this book by Mike Cavanagh and my review follows the author’s blurb found on Amazon.

“Do you know what makes you, you? Mike thought he did, until a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome in his sixties made him rethink who he was, and how he got there. ‘One of its Legs are Both the Same’ is Mike’s memoir of being, as his mum would say, different. An intriguing and rollicking tale of the hippie era of the early 1970s, featuring murderous rats, painfully low door lintels, angry spiders and a rabid duck.”

As a late 1960’s and all of 1970’s child, I found myself reliving some of the funnier parts of my youth.  Cavanagh has woven a tapestry of highly descriptive narration, filled with extremely vivid memories of his youth. In doing so, Cavanagh finally realizes why he was different from his peers, as he was finally diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome in his 60’s. He had always known, and been told numerous times, that he was different from other children, but never knew the cause until he was in his 60’s. I found myself laughing, a lot, as I read, and throwing in the Aussie slang made this memoir more memorable. This memoir is a truly funny, yet frank narrative that will stay with me for some time to come.


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