Unicorn Dreams

In Unicorn Dreams, children learn how to pretend play. It’s important for children to learn the concept of, and how to pretend play (make-believe or imaginative play), as this fosters a child’s creativity and sparks discussions with your child, which in turn helps your child’s thinking skills when working out a new situation during play. Imaginative play contributes to the development of all children. Oftentimes, children may pretend to cook with toy dishes, or engage in tea parties with a friend, and some might pretend play when alone with a parent at home. A parent can provide a safe environment for a child to act out things that they cannot do in real life, such as having two dolls get married. The opportunity to interact with your child/children in this positive environment helps children with language and learning social skills with other children and adults. Pretend play also allows for play in which not all children will receive what they want (not all can be a king or queen), and parents help their child learn positive behaviors.  Unicorn Dreams teaches children to pretend play and gives children positive thoughts before naptime or bedtime.


“A beautiful book with equally beautiful illustrations! My grandson absolutely loved this very sweet story. It’s an invaluable lesson that enables children to gain a greater understanding of playing pretend. Well done!” ~ Sara