Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights

Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights 

by George Yuhasz

From Amazon: On a night when the sky is full of stars, sometimes there appears light that cannot be explained, even by the smartest astronomers… Evelyn is a little girl who lives with her parents and brother in a house with a big backyard. On nights when the sky is filled with brightly shining stars, she loves to go outside before bed to see the Milky Way and the Big Dipper and dream about the planets. But Evelyn has a secret: She is able to see flashes of light streaking across the night sky that no one else can see. And she’ll soon learn that her secret is actually a wonderful gift!

My Review: What a wonderful story for children. The illustrations are lovely and the word count is perfect in line with children learning how to use their imagination. Samples of a little girl and her imaginations are delightful and helps readers expand their own imaginations. Children are encouraged to reach for the stars themselves. Five stars.

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