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Pink and Purple Bob!

Pink and Purple Bob by Crystal Napolitano, author and illustrator

From Amazon:

Bob is a sad lonely dog who wants pink and purple things to make his life complete. With the help of a little mouse, all his wishes come true! However, in the end Bob realizes there’s way more to life then his precious pink and purple things.

A colorful rhyming picture book with highly animated characters that is sure to captivate all ages. Learn about kindness, friendship and feelings with PINK AND PURPLE BOB. Perfect for bedtime, story time, read along, early reading, playtime, emotional development and just for fun. For ages baby and up!

My Review:

Awesome! Totally awesome rhyming story for kids full of fun! The illustrations are totally delightful and kids will adore them. Engaging picture book! Five stars! I adored this book for many reasons and the biggest was how two unlikely animal became friends.

Where To Publish Short Stories Online For Free – by Derek Haines… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

on Just Publishing Advice: Are you wondering where to publish short stories online? You can find sites that accept short stories, but many of them have strict submission guidelines. Some don’t allow simultaneous submissions and only accept certain genres of short fiction. If you are a short story writer and want to publish your work […]

Where To Publish Short Stories Online For Free – by Derek Haines… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Bigfoot: A Short Story by @DLFinn

Book blurb found on Amazon: Can you believe everything you read? Steve must answer that question when he finds a strange blog while searching for his friend’s address. It was crazy to consider the government would poison a lake to find Bigfoot–and Steve wasn’t crazy. But, there were also some truths weaved into this unbelievable tale. Steve began to question his comfortable reality as he kept reading.

My review: I read this short story involving Bigfoot and aliens. It was not what I had expected and certainly had a new twist in a story involving both aliens and Bigfoot. A fun and interesting read. Five stars!

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