The Single Greatest Blogging Tip Ever — The Art of Blogging

If you are passionate about your blog, if you want to reach more people, if you want to feel proud whenever you hit that publish button, then you most likely have spent hours upon hours searching the web for the secret to blogging success. Maybe you’ve invested in e-courses, books, and maybe even booked a […]

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Four Simple Ways to Promote Your Book Long After Its Release

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Sweta S Vikram_BrevityBy Sweta Vikram

Remember the joy and pain of writing your novel or memoir or poetry book or short story collection or set of essays? Remember the pride, the emotional exhaustion, the enthrallment, and the physical pain of bringing your book in this world? The rush, the celebrations, the book events, the sleepless nights, the book tour, burning the midnight oil, the reviews, the media bytes, the interviews, the social media attention and all of that? But a few weeks or months later, everything begins to grow quiet. Initially, there might be gratitude for the breather but slowly the realization hits: the big day is over and there is an emptiness that envelops the author. Not everyone has a book come out every year, so how do you channel the creative energy in that moment of winding down?

My novel, Louisiana Catch was published by Modern History Press in April…

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It Has Arrived!! Yay!


Shadow and Friends Visit the Enchanted Forest

By S. Jackson, A. Raymond, & M. Schmidt

This enchanting fairy tale, Shadow and Friends Visit the Enchanted Forest, brings forth children’s vivid imaginations after receiving an Enchanted Invitation and Enchanted Key that unlocks a hidden door in an Enchanted Tree. Finding the secret door, they open the door with the magical key, and are greeted by an Enchanted Fairy, Lisa, whom they give the key to. Amazing sights are seen such as a Mushroom Family, a beautiful Festival of Lights with speaking butterflies and flowers, time spent at an Apple Harvest Festival, and Mushroom Houses. Truly a land of make-believe and children’s faces alight with pure joy. Children love amazing adventures and this one is full of all kinds of make-believe stories.

I’m giving away eProof copies for those who wish to enjoy. 



Create and Edit Universal Book Links – by Russell Phillips… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

on Author Help: A Universal Book Link (commonly referred to as a UBL) is a short link that will go to a web page showing links to all the stores where the ebook or audiobook can be bought. When the user clicks on any of the links, they will go to their local site if […]

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3 Steps to Writing a Synthesis — The eNotes Blog

We often ask our students to summarize events in the texts that they read—be they fiction or nonfiction. However, to truly help students gain a clear understanding of the texts, we need to move beyond summarizing and take their writing and analysis a step further. This is where we introduce writing a synthesis: a discussion […]

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5 Things Millennials Look for in a Book — Nicholas C. Rossis

As they grow older, millennials are turning into quite a big market. Who better than Frank Hamilton, a millennial blogger and translator from Manchester, to answer some questions about them? Frank is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and […]

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