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Starting tomorrow January 23rd – January 27th
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Exciting new release from the authors of “When Angels Fly” comes “How a Dog and Two Squirrels Become Best Friends”!!!!!!

This book is about how one small dog, a baby squirrel and his mama squirrel become best friends. A baby squirrel is lost and found safely. This story book helps children to learn how to be safe when they are outside their home and illustrates that children
always need to keep the adults in their lives aware of where they play and how to stay safe.

“How a Dog and Two Squirrels Become Best Friends” was an enjoyable read from the first page. One would never think that a dog would not only befriend a squirrel but help him. I was reading with a smile on my face. I will certainty read this story to my
grandchildren and buy as a gift for others. This would make a wonderful children’s story for my church. Thank you for your efforts in making this a lovely book. The graphics are awesome…
Susan Vance, Author, Forever My Sister



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