New!! Shadow and Friends Visit the Mountains

This is a book about one small dog and three squirrels, who go camping. After obtaining permission to camp, a wise squirrel teaches the young ones how to stay safe on land and in a boat. This story book helps children learn how to be safe when they are in a new area, and illustrates that children always need to keep the adults in their lives aware of, and obtain permission for outdoor activities. Camping and water safety is explained so that children can understand the importance of what could happen if they don’t listen to parents and teachers.

Jackson’s and A. Raymond’s second book in their new Shadow series, “Shadow and Friends Go Camping” was an enjoyable read from page one! As I read this book, I could feel a smile on my face, at the antics of one small dog and her squirrel friends. I will read this story again and again to my grandchildren. This would make a wonderful children’s story for my church, Thank you for your efforts in making such a lovely book, and the graphics are awesome… Susan Vance, Author, Forever My Sister

This story is lovely, and I love how Shadow and the squirrels get along so well together. Children would be captivated in a story about a dog, three squirrels, and the camping trip they take. The illustrations look great and this book speaks to the target age audience… D. Rose, Content and Line Editor


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