My Review: Running from the Mirror

I’m glad I had the time to finally read Howard Shulman’s memoir, “Running from the Mirror“. This personal memoir starts with Howard just a newborn, who at three days old, develops a staph infection that did a lot of damage to his face and inside his mouth. His parents abandoned him not long after, and Howard was in the hospital.  Howard recounts his days of growing up, and looking like a monster. Howard was bullied because of this facial features, and I have witnessed this kind of bullying in that past, done to my own son who had no hair and was fighting cancer. The propensity for bullying is sadly, so apparent in his memoir. Howard underwent multiple surgeries to reconstruct his facial features and I was brokenhearted the entire way. Later in life, several amazing people helped in transforming Howard into the person he is today.  This memoir is touching, and Howard managed to become a successful person. However, one aspect I don’t like at all, was when Howard spoke proudly of his illegal and shady activities; literally activities that hurt others in some way or another. Due to being proud of these illegal activities, Howard promotes a trade that should not be glamorized, especially to teens and young adults. Therefore, I couldn’t give this book a five star review.





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