My Review:Five Flights Up

I just finished reading and reviewed, Five Flights Up: Sex, Love, and Family, from Paris to Lyon by Kristin Louise Duncombe, and I found this memoir a raw, honest,  and rather funny read. Since the synopsis can be read online, I will go directly to my review. It is difficult enough, to follow a spouse and move to a new city, and this memoir certainly is highly insightful of how life is in France. So many transitions must be made, and Duncombe brings out this reality for anyone in a similar situation. Living as an ex-pat with her ex-pat (and different culture) husband and moving to France; makes this memoir a “must read” from just those words. Duncombe tells it how it is, yet in her intense honesty, she brings forth so many funny and poignant stories in the process. The storytelling flows easily and the edits are professional, city descriptions are wonderful, and the characters spring to life, yet Duncombe’s raw honesty stands out as her marriage starts to fall apart and the reader go through the ups and downs along the way. I haven’t read Duncombe’s prequel memoir, but this story is a great memoir on its own. Duncombe’s raw honesty in writing about her trials and tribulations, marriage and sex, living in Lyon, the impact on her children, and life while living in a upper class neighborhood, was both funny and filled with “oh no” moments. Thank you, Kristin Louise Duncombe, for this beautiful memoir.


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