My Review: The Juggling Act

The Juggling Act by Carol Maloney Scott is a nice contemporary romance.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. I love romance novels (this one is contemporary versus the historical I usually read) so this was a good fit for me in general. This is book three in this series.  Claire married early, without consideration in what a marriage truly is, and then, boom, they adopt a baby setting the stage for marital woes.

Claire and her husband, Brandon, made bad decisions and they weren’t able to communicate setting the stage for complete marriage breakdown. Scott was able to add humor to this story, yet in my mind, Brandon was pretty much scum.  I was able to see the comedy in this story despite my dislike for the character of Brandon, but I fail to see how Claire would ever marry a person who lacked maturity, and who wasn’t ready for marriage at all! I don’t see the love and romance that should have been there and wasn’t. I loved Claire’s character! Disliked Brandon!

Scott stated that this could be read as a standalone story, and I wonder if maybe Claire and Brandon showed love for each other in one of the first two books. I don’t know.

I noticed some repetition, yet this story is a light read, and a nice read at that. Action was steady and the characters were interesting, despite my dislike for Brandon.


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