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Hello everyone, and welcome to When Angels Fly! We are having such fun this month! That’s right! Come and join the party!!! The RRBC Back to School Book & Blog Block Party all through August!! Oh yes, the entire month!!! Links for the other party places are on the RRBC website 

You have landed in the middle of the United States ~ Kansas to be exact!!


Prizes I’m Giving Away Today!!! 

ONE Amazon Gift Card of $10.00 (or £10 if in the UK!)

ONE free signed copy of book of winner’s choice! 

ONE free copy of each of my books in eBook format ~ that is ELEVEN eBooks!!!

One free author bling poker chip key chain with beads and angel charm of my memoir, “When Angels Fly”…….!!!!!! 


Number of winners for this stop: 14! That’s Right!!! FOURTEEN Prizes!!!!! To be in it to win it, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of my post!


Some of you know me as an eclectic author and others don’t know me as well. Some of you know me from my first book, “When Angels Fly”, and others may have caught some of my children’s books here and there, or a cookbook, you might have seen a gallery book, or maybe a book dealing with bullies, possibly a book dealing with good touch/bad touch, and even some ornery fox squirrels. I write under the pen names of S. Jackson and A. Raymond. Overall, I’m a pretty nice lady (more or less), and a “cool” mom as my son says (more or less)! If my grandson could talk who knows what he would come up with!!! Read on for a quick peek at my books… ! 

When Angels Fly 


After surviving the cruel rage of tyranny from her mother and ex-husband, Sarah Jackson traveled a new path; a journey of loss, heartbreak, and ultimately strength. How do we survive the unthinkable, our child suffering from a terminal illness? Sarah Jackson’s life will teach you that despite all the hardships, you will survive, even if at times it feels like you won’t! 

“I couldn’t help thinking about womanhood while reading When Angels Fly. As a man and a father, it is hard to imagine the kind of feeling my wife has for our two kids. Many times I had to stop reading, close my eyes, and ask myself: “Could this be really happening?” I couldn’t help but wonder about the stuff of which women are made, because Sarah is a tough woman, sensitive, and rich in her humanity. It is inspiring to see how she gives life and nourishes it. The experience with Eli, her son suffering from cancer, is very touching and one that will inspire many people in the way they relate with their children. S. Jackson and A. Raymond have done a wonderful job in sharing experiences that will offer hope and provoke a silent revolution in the way most of us see women and life. It’s a book that every man should read. And I mean every man!” 

Book Trailer for When Angels Fly 

It isn’t very long and you will find out what makes me tick! Please take the time to watch this trailer, thank you. 

The Big Cheese Festival  


The Big Cheese Festival is a children’s educational picture book written and designed by S. Jackson with A. Raymond. Stubby Mouse was happy and excited when he woke up on the morning of the Big Cheese Festival. All the mice in his neighborhood looked forward to this big event. There would be dancing and lots of cheese, and they would elect a King and Queen of the Festival. This would be Stubby’s first Big Cheese Festival, but something happened to spoil his happiness and sense of anticipation. When Cutter Mouse came to pick up Stubby’s brother, Zippy, he made fun of Stubby’s short tail. Cutter laughed and said that no girls would want to dance with him. Zippy got angry with his friend for picking on his little brother, but the damage was done. After Zippy and Cutter left, Stubby began to cry. Cindy heard him crying inside the house, and she wanted to know what was wrong. She liked Stubby just as he was, and thought Cutter was an awful bully. They would go to the festival together, and she’d love to dance with Stubby.

S. Jackson and A. Raymond’s educational picture book for children, The Big Cheese Festival, addresses the problem of bullying and the pain children can experience when they’re victimized by bullies. This story shows how being different is not a bad thing or something to feel ashamed about. Stubby may only have half a tail, but he ends up with an amazing thing happening to him. He also gets to dance with the bully’s girlfriend. The Big Cheese Festival has gorgeous graphics that bring the woodland setting and its characters to life. Jackson and Raymond address an important issue, and they do so in an enchanting tale that’s a perfect choice for story time. Adults should consider using this tale as a springboard for discussions about bullying in school and in the playground. It’s also a good starter primer for new readers as it has large print and an easy-to-follow story. The Big Cheese Festival is highly recommended.

Suzy Has A Secret 


Suzy Has A Secret by S. Jackson with A. Raymond is a children’s story about educating them on self awareness and inappropriate behavior. The story is simple and easy to read to children. It’s important to allow children the opportunity to learn what should and should not be done to them by family members. Suzy did not like the game of tickling that Uncle Bob played with her when her parents weren’t around. Suzy did not want to keep the secret from her parents, but Uncle Bob made her feel that she couldn’t tell anyone about the way he touched her. Although the story is short, it has a powerful message because all children should know the importance of not allowing anyone, young or old, to touch their bodies. 

Children have a right to be happy and understand what should not be happening when Mommy and Daddy aren’t around. The portion of the story designed for Parents and Educators was a good read because it reaffirmed that children have the right to know that their private areas are off limits, and that when playing no one should ever touch those areas. When dealing with children, it’s important to ensure they understand at an early age that they can talk to their parents about anything and not be scared. Abusers use manipulation when abusing children to keep them from telling their parents, that’s why parents need to have a strong bond with their children to make them feel comfortable. One thing I learned is that you should not ask a lot of questions if you suspect abuse, but rather ask simple questions for the best and most reliable answers.

Art Gallery Selections 


This book contains 40 works of art from the M. Schmidt Photography Gallery for others to enjoy. Mediums used include photography, traditional watercolor and oil paintings, as well as series of digital selections mostly using bamboo and water color or ink stains. We hope you enjoy the serenity and tranquil feelings of contentment that we derive from our works. Mediums used include traditional photography, water color and oil paints, along with a selection of surreal works. 

How A Dog And Two Squirrels Become Best Friends 


This book is about how one small dog, a baby squirrel and his mama squirrel become best friends. A baby squirrel is lost and found safely. This story book helps children to learn how to be safe when they are outside their home and illustrates that children always need to keep the adults in their lives aware of where they play and how to stay safe.  This is the first book in our ‘Shadow’ series! 

Shadow And Friends Go Camping


This is a book about one small dog and three squirrels, who go camping. After obtaining permission to camp, a wise squirrel teaches the young ones how to stay safe on land and in a boat. This story book helps children learn how to be safe when they are in a new area, and illustrates that children always need to keep the adults in their lives aware of, and obtain permission for outdoor activities. Camping and water safety is explained so that children can understand the importance of what could happen if they don’t listen to parents and teachers. 

Shadow And Friends Visit The Mountains 


This story is about a ground squirrel that lives in a burrow, in the mountains of Colorado. Shadow, a dog, and Uncle Stubby, a fox squirrel, and their friends go on a trip to visit Uncle Stubby’s cousin, Rocky, a ground squirrel. Cousin Rocky takes them skiing, teaches mountain safety, how to ski safely on the bunny slopes near his burrow, the difference between tree squirrels and ground squirrels, home safety, travel safety, and to watch out for cars. This story provides children with knowledge about different squirrels and their habitats, and teaches children safety when visiting a new place illustrating how important safety is, and promotes new adventures at the same time.

Rodent Road Adventures: Backyard Squirrel Antics: Series Book One – America’s National Parks 


This book is a picture book showing America’s beautiful national parks through photographs and text, along with a few backyard squirrels thrown in for good measure. It has been fun and educational for both of us and we hope our book will highlight our nation’s national parks for others to enjoy and read about as well as to go and see our parks in all their beauty.

This book is extremely educational for people of all ages; it showcases the beauty of our national parks in the United States while using fox squirrels to keep the attention of the younger readers. The park photos are nice to see but we really love how you have made this book much more fun for all readers by adding your squirrels to the mix!

Rodent Road Adventures: Backyard Squirrel Antics Series Book Two: Children’s Comics 


Our backyard squirrels with their funny antics inspired us to create comics geared towards children. We think that our funny squirrels mixed with ‘human children toys’ and even old costumes we had at hand to ‘dress up’ our squirrels in funny ways will have children laughing and maybe many adults as well.

Rodent Road Adventures: Backyard Squirrel Antics: Series Book Three: Teenage and Adult Comics 


Our backyard squirrels with their funny antics inspired us to create our comics and in this case geared towards teenagers and adults. We think that our funny squirrels mixed with old costumes and scrap art pieces will have readers laughing for a long time. Prop illustrations/graphics belong to our children and are used for educational purposes. Vintage photos used for educational purposes.

Favorite Timeless Recipes


This is a collection of eighteen different recipes that have withstood time, and generations of use. We hope others will use this collection of recipes in the many years to come.

Thank you for visiting my stop on this bog tour!

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