Review of Vigilante Annie Scarlotte by Robert Kimbrell


Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (Vigilante Annie Series): Book One 

I have just finished reading Book One of this series by Robert Kimbrell. First is the author’s blurb on Amazon.  

“It was only months ago when Annie was overtaken by a mysterious illness. Now, the story begins with Annie relishing in the afterglow of her first feeding of fresh human blood. She has found the cure. But there is much more to Annie than being a bloodsucker.

The story unfolds when Marcus, Annie’s boyfriend, argues with her over keeping a journal with incriminating evidence. Because Annie has yet to find her birth mother, and has never known her real father, Annie grows closer to a father figure named Larry. There is bubbly Elisa, who for some reason went silent months ago; and there is unplanned drama for
Annie and Marcus when her target is Congresswoman Kim Bardner.

Annie’s story is full of romance:
“Meet me in the shower.”

“Sorry, Miss,” the stranger said with a monotone voice. “Thought you might be someone I know.”

“Act like you belong. Breathe, relax your shoulders and smile.”

“Pay no mind to me, lovebirds, just getting water.”

“Forgive me, Marcus. A woman like this gets more than a handshake.”

You will instantly be drawn in by this new and original story!”

This book isn’t my normal genre that I prefer to read, yet Kimbrell had me hooked at the first chapter. Characters are supported and Kimbrell leaves nothing out when describing a scene or person, and the book is a nice fast pace. I found myself more drawn to the vigilante portion of Annie than the vampire; although I must say she only goes after and feed’s on the bad guys.  Kimbrell has written this book in a manner that keeps one’s interest throughout! Annie has a counterpart in Marcus. I don’t want to give away spoilers, but I will say it’s a good thing I don’t use coffee creamer. The story is short but not so short that one feels cheated out of a full length book. I think this book is great for the YA genre. Kimbrell’s writing leaves one wanting to read the next book in this series. I rate this as a high five star!

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