The Long, Lonely Journey

Many Faces of Cheri G

Every loss is felt distinctly.  Each person we lose in our lives affects us differently.  Every grief is experienced in a unique way.  To compare and judge one person’s pain against another’s is unfair.  That being said, losing my husband has been by far the most difficult loss I’ve ever experienced.  Am still experiencing on a daily basis.  And from everything I’ve learned over these past months, will likely continue to experience for the rest of my life.

My husband was there for me through nearly all the losses I’ve suffered.  Through the years he has comforted me when I lost my father, we’ve been there for each other through the losses of uncles and aunts and cousins and more, together we mourned the passing of three grandmothers and a grandfather, and I was there for him when his brother died.

We have encountered many changes – the loss of…

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