The Playground by C. S. Boyack


The Playground by C. S. Boyack

My review follows the authors blurb found on Amazon.

“The hottest new toys of the Christmas season are the Playground Network dolls. They contain a worldwide social network for children. Except the network is controlled by a ruthless businessman with dreams of power. To reach his goals he turns to the occult. Will our children make up his personal army? Could we have an enemy soldier in every home? Gina Greybill is a cancer survivor who stumbles into her own brush with the paranormal. She wants nothing to do with it, but may be the only one who can bring down the Playground Network. To do it she’ll have to embrace her new situation, and recover the next generation of Playground software. There is competition for the software in the form of a brutal thug named Clovis. He’s bigger, more ruthless, and more experienced. To top it all off, he has a head start. The Playground is suitable for mature readers, due to violence and mature themes.”

Boyack outdid himself on this book! If you are a fantasy/horror/supernatural book lover, then this book is perfect for you as it’s a thriller beyond all thrillers. Using internet toys to lure children into a world of pure evil filled with drugs, theft, violence, and more, Boyack is in the top five percent with this book! I truly can see this narrative made into a screenplay for a feature film. Filled with suspense and action, Boyack delivers a punch! The ending makes one wonder if there is to be another book, or if this book is part of a series as there isn’t closure at the end. Left hanging, I rate four stars.

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