How to Create a Writing Workspace — Writing With Style

I created mine out of necessity, it is my own little world where words flow.

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When I write, I usually try to get out of the house. Most days, I’ll bike over to my local library, where I’ll stare at a screen for a solid two hours and then write a hurried frenzy of inspired words in the last 15 minutes before the library closes.

I like going to the library because it makes everything simple.

Other than the two ladies playing a heated game of Scattergories, there are no distractions. No TVs or radios, no loud noises, and most importantly, no kitchen to go get food from. (Other than taking photos of my dog wearing my glasses, eating is my favorite procrastination practice. I find Goldfish pair well with wasted time.)

But going to the library isn’t always ideal. Sometimes it’sraining. Sometimes it’s too dark to ride my bike. Sometimes I only have a half an hour or so to write, and can’t waste…

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