3 Shameful Ways to Lose an Argument & Never Sell a Book

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This deviates from my regular posts so I will try my best to tie it back to writing. Specifically, this post is going to discuss the prevelance of political discourse (if you can call it that) on social media and how writers can take it as a lesson in “what not to do” in terms of marketing.

I honestly don’t care if a reader is left or right wing, conservative or liberal, I am exhausted by the constant spam from both sides. I’ve posted a screenshot detailing the description of “spam” below. The primary elements I want to focus on are irrelevant, inappropriate, unwanted, and intrusive. Each of these can be applied to almost every Facebook fight in regards to politics.


I am not saying that the topics are unimportant, in fact, I have some pretty strong opinions in regards to some current events, but when I keep seeing the…

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