Freehand Selection Misting Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro


Many individuals have asked me about a Freehand Selection misting tutorial for Paint Shop Pro and so I created one this morning. You must have a basic understanding of Paint Shop Pro to do this three step tutorial. Note: Photoshop works differently so please only use this with PSP. ๐Ÿ™‚ I may write a PS tutorial another day, since I use both programs.

Misted tubes are nice to have for many reasons, especially blended designs, and they are best when they have clean edges all around them. For instance, I created a blend for the front cover of my award winning memoir, When Angels Fly. What can I say? I did use a blend and Iโ€™m an author so why not plug my memoir in this blog post as well. As you can see below, my son’s image is misted perfectly so that the mountains of Glacier National Park are visible as well as Lake McDonald (I took this photograph).


I suggest you NOT use a mask for misting. Successful misting comes with practice and it is very easy to learn. More on this as you work through this tutorial. This is a THREE Step tutorial ยฉ Mary Schmidt 17 March 2017

1. Open a new image, Edit, Copy, Paste as a New Image, and close original image. Go to Image, Resize, and resize so that the longest sides are 1000 px.ย This is KEY when misting. What works for a 1000 px longest side image doesnโ€™t work for a 600 px or 300 px, etc. Those variables are the ones that you need to master, and you will. More on that shortly โ€“ in step 2.


2. Layers, Promote Background layer. Next go to yourย Freehand Selectionย tool and choose Feather of 60. Note: This is where most people have difficulty. Feather of 60 is fine for a 1000 px longest side image, IF this image has major white in the background. You MUST adjust this number for the the image you are using. I suggest you resize your images to 1000 px longest side and use this tutorial until your ready to take on other sizes and work to find the right size for that particular image. Draw a freehand selection around the part of the image you wish to mist. Note: It doesn’t have to be a circle or an oval. Be creative. Note: Look at your image and see where your marching ants are placed. If you have antsย  on the edge of your image then do Selections, Select None, then draw out your freehand area until you have Zero marching ants touching any side of this graphic. See my ants below. Once you have this worked out, proceed to step 3.


3. Choose Selections, Invert and hit the Delete key on your keyboard. Choose Selections, Select None. You now have a perfect misted image with Clean Edges. Save as a .pspimage or .png. Look at mine below. I added a new layer, flood filled it with green and arranged/sent it to the bottom. I wanted you to see that the edges are clean, and no part of the original edge is noted. This is what makes for a great mist. A lot of practice will make you a pro! As you learn how much you need to select for different images, make notes so that you have a idea of where to start on each successive image. Write down the largest side of your image and your final feather amount for use in the future.ย 


Mary Schmidt
When Angels Fly ~
Book Trailer ~

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