Review: Fat Girl, Skinny by Amye Archer


Review: Fat Girl, Skinny by Amye Archer

My review of this book follows the authors’ blurb found on Amazon.

“After her husband leaves her for a skinnier, blonder, younger woman, Amye is forced to confront the food addiction that has been holding her back for most of her life and has left her weighing two hundred and sixty-five pounds. With the help of the gang of girls of Weight Watchers, and their fearless leader —former fatty and community college dropout—Pantsuit Pam, Amye spends the next year losing weight and learning to live in a skinny (er) woman’s body. Only being skinny is not as easy as it looks, especially when inside, she will always be a fat girl. Fat Girl, Skinny is Amye’s story, but it’s also the story of anyone who has ever been told: “You’d be pretty…if”.”

Not only has Archer written a book dealing with issues of obesity, she has woven a book encompassing her own inner thoughts and feelings, and leads the reader into the feelings of others in similar situations. Food addiction is real in the western world, and with it comes extreme self-loathing and food disorders, such as bulimia, and starvation. Archer bares her soul on her journey to rebuild her life, to believe in herself once again, to lay open her bullied younger self, along with coping mechanisms of alcohol and boys. Food addiction is a vicious cycle in trying to attain metabolic sobriety, and it undermines attempts at gaining this sobriety. For memoir lovers, this is a great memoir full of honesty and deep with humanity. Heads up: this memoir contains sexually explicit scenes.

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