The 7 Essential Website Elements

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Time is always a factorand that goes for readers too. So, make it easy for followers to follow. Here are 7 ways to keep followers following, but the most important thing is to faithfully respond in kind and don’t take anything for granted.

(The following is a post from WordPress forum: Most WordPress themes are free, but you can also buy a premium theme, which will come with better support and forums (meaning you can work out bugs more quickly), more frequent updates and more customization options.) 

1.Make sure your author name stands out or brand: Some authors also add a tagline or description that clearly describes the type of writing they do. For example, novelist CJ Lyons’ is “Thrillers with Heart.”

2.Email newsletter signup: Whether you send it once a year or once a week, start a free email newsletter to stay in touch with readers…

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