Where are you? Oh God!
Where could you actually be?
Are you somewhere around me?
If you are, why can’t I see ?

Where are you? I want the answer,
I’ve sent my heart, in search of you,
I’m sure, it will find you one day,
It will make me walk your way.

My heart searched everywhere it could,
Above the sky, deep in the sea,
Over the mountain, into the dale,
But no fortune, to no avail.

Heart was exhausted, but yet it called,
‘God is somewhere far away,
It is not true, that you spose,
For he is somewhere very close!

A question, then it began to ask,
Why does a mother live selflessly,
For her children every day,
What makes her live that way?

It answered, God exists in this love,
Of mother towards children’,
I simply concluded in my mind,
Only in love, my God I…

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