A “Cheer For Your Cheering.”

Vintage background with quill pen and inkwell on table

Friday, July 5, 2002
Kudos…of course your wonderful cheers were read the day after
July 4th and provided inspiration and encouragement……then
this wee cheer just seemed to flow, so please accept it as a
“cheer for your cheering.”

Around the darkness wings which glow,
swing by winds in circles which go;
Holding the harsh bold forces at bay,
while the forests trunks and limbs sway.

Mighty were the howling winds at noon,
sending ripples across the blue lagoon;
Sorting shadows and embers were they,
awaiting the close of another amber day.

Noble but a lady strong and fair,
only clad with thread worn wear,
vowed to harness the forest born air.

Then she chose her own time and place,
met the howling winds face to face,
held our breth, and her hand to mine,
at last the tempest winds doth resign.

Now our forest hears sweet carols sung,
for from the forest forces were wrung,
and in Faerie cheers blossom the power,
of tempest winds compelled in that hour.
–Denny Lancaster aka The Faerie Keeper

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