Are you forgetful? Do you need a list?

Jean's Writing

A shopping list? A to-do list? Christmas list? Repair list?

Me? Oh yes! I’m lost without a list for everything. I’ve lists on my phone, on the fridge, on my desk, and in my computer.

I can hear you. Yes, they overlap but how else will I have the list when I need it.

But I’d never thought about making lists for my story or for my characters!

What a wonderful idea.

Not only have I divided it up into sections but also made lists for my characters and scenes.

I even made my protagonist an anal list maker. How fun. 

My manuscript now has lists (steps) that the characters must complete in each scene.

Okay, I heard you. Yes, it’s a lot like scene goals, but I’m breaking it down a little further. For me it’s working to break through a bit of stalled writers slow down, I’ve…

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