WordPress: Yell Into the Echoing Void

Legends of Windemere

Darth Vader

First of all, I do how one beef with a WordPress change.  Where in the world is the Underline toggle?  I see Italics and Bold.  No sign of underlining, which is a fairly common practice.  I have to use Ctrl-U every time, which seems to go against the idea of making things easier and more user-friendly.

On to the real topic, which is . . . How is everyone doing out in Blog Land?

I ask because my traffic has been pretty bad.  Likes seem to flow in pretty easily, but not much in the way of comments.  I was thinking it was just me since I haven’t been reliable in my book releases, I’m running out of interesting topics, and I’m still having bouts with depression.  Yet, I do see people wondering the same thing, so maybe it’s an across the board issue.  Wordpress might be losing…

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