Erroneous Thoughts on Twitter


Tweeters all too often think erroneously regarding deleted tweets. I’m speaking of the tweets that we ourselves tweet. More than one person has told me that any tweet you tweet for your brand, will continue to be re-tweeted even if you delete your tweet. Twitter has the following facts for you. If someone re-tweets you, and then eight hours later deletes that re-tweet, it doesn’t keep going around in the ether if you have deleted said tweet. It’s not nice doing this practice, either. 


9 thoughts on “Erroneous Thoughts on Twitter

  1. It’s a bit like deleted blog posts on here. If someone reblogs, and then the original post is subsequently deleted, you end up with either a blank post in which only the title remains, or the weird situation of your comment “Oh, look, read this wonderful post from someone else’s WordPress Site” with no link, and no context….
    Drives me nuts! lol

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