Neil Diamond #SweetCaroline #RRBC


We are old but not that old just yet! Last Friday we attended a Neil Diamond Concert in Wichita, KS. He had last played there in 1967, and this time he was celebrating his 50th Anniversary Tour (since his music began). Amazing that he is pushing age 80, yet he can entertain quite well. Our picture above played on the Jumbo-Tron, and yeah, this was part of our 25th wedding anniversary events. 


Pre-concert –  signage of Forever in Blue Jeans 50th 


It boggles my mind to even try and imagine a real diamond of this size!


As you can see, we had pretty decent seats and I just want to shout it out that his music was delightful! If you like his music, poetry, lyrics, guitar licks, etc. try to catch one of his shows on this tour. A memorable experience!

13 thoughts on “Neil Diamond #SweetCaroline #RRBC

  1. Neil has always been a favorite of both mine and my sister. At her request, we played many of his songs at her memorial service. Yes, Sweet Caroline was also her favorite.
    Happy Anniversary.

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    • I found this comment so disregard my email. I think you sister chose wisely in her choice of music. Music is always a nice way to remember loved ones. I’m glad you have that to give you the sweet memories. Thank you.


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