Review: The Truth She Knew


The Truth She Knew by J.A. Owenby

I just finished reading this book and my review follows Owenby’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“Mama didn’t want me. In fact, she would’ve traded my soul back for someone different if God would’ve let her, but he didn’t, so she was stuck with me. 

For eighteen-year-old Lacey, life at home is a rollercoaster. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be good enough to truly deserve Mama’s love. But when she enters college and meets Walker, everything starts to change. Suddenly, Lacey is face to face with the realization that maybe what she’s always seen as normal really isn’t. Her entire life–and everything she’s ever believed about herself and her family–is abruptly hanging in midair.

Lacey is left facing two paths, and she has to make a choice. The first means walking away from everything she’s ever known. The other means never really knowing the truth.

The Truth She Knew offers an honest and powerful glimpse into mental illness, the meaning of true love, and the psychological waltz that a daughter dances as she endures her mother’s unpredictable emotions, manipulation, and abuse.”

*** Ages 17+ Contains language, sex, and violence
*** This is book 1 in a series

This is a mostly well-written young adult novel. I don’t like six or seven sentences in one paragraph to start with “I”, and I think a few simple edits would then make this book shine!

That said, Owenby writes about many social and dysfunctional issues that need to be read, and absorbed. Solutions must be found. I saw myself in “Lacey” to a certain extent, and it is sad to know that “brain washing” does happen in some families, including my own growing up. It is vitally important for readers to read this kind of abuse and to watch for it in real life. Owenby should be commended for tackling this issue. When Walker comes in to Lacey’s life, I thought things were going to be okay for her. I couldn’t fathom why this man left Lacey, his dying mother, and his thirteen year old brother for the military. Walker and Emma should have known something was wrong when Lacey went missing for more than a week and they should have searched for her, and rescued her. Instead, Walker ditches Lacey, and quickly marries an old girl friend. I wanted to see Walker and Lacey together, and it didn’t happen. Four stars from me.


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