Best Foot Forward!


I read Best Foot Forward: A 500-Mile Walk Through Hidden France by Susie Kelly. 

My review follows Kelley’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“When Susie Kelly decides, at the age of 50+, on a whim, to trek alone right across France from West to East, from La Rochelle on the coast, to Lake Geneva in Switzerland, she entrusts her French farmhouse full of assorted animals to a total stranger from San Antonio, Texas. While Susie doggedly tramps 500 miles over unknown terrain, frequently lost and either too hot or too cold, Texan Jennifer Shields copes heroically with lost dogs, erratic electricity, old men hiding in bushes, and a language she cannot speak.

For each of them it is a life-changing experience. Both find their resourcefulness and ingenuity tested to the limit as, in their own ways, they explore and enjoy the culture, cuisine and people of Europe’s most fascinating country.”

I found this a great read. I think I will walk across France but while I figure out how and when to do this I am not telling hubby until I have everything ready to go. Hubby works in England so when I tell him –he doesn’t have a huge chance to talk me out of it–what about all the animals–no problem, I advertised on social media for someone to come stay at our house and take care of the animals for 6 weeks. The two smartest things she did was saying yes to Jennifer from San Antonio, TX, although she already bought her ticket so how could she say NO. The boots were a great investment also–if you are going to walk 500 miles you better have a good comfortable pair of sturdy boots. Now, shall we talk about everything she did wrong!! Nah, everything turned out OK and besides telling her great story she tells us about hidden France–great places off the tourist trap road. The book definitely made me jealous, that I would never do this, but I could enjoy some of the trip by car as she went into detail for the readers. Great book, if you like France and like to travel, you can’t go wrong with this one!!

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