Snugs the Snow Bear by Suzy Davies


Snugs the Snow Bear by Suzy Davies

I finished reading this book yesterday and my review follows Davis’ book blurb found on Amazon.

“Snugs The Snow Bear” is the first in a magical series of stories about a lovable, snuggable, huggable polar bear, and his tales of derring-do, along with a menagerie of animal friends. Come and meet Snugs, The Two Moose, Mrs Merryweather, Carla and James, as they take the voyage of a lifetime to a lighthouse on The Isle of Wight, a sunshine island off the South Coast of England, and miles and miles beyond! This first adventure will warm your heart as Snugs, in his own unique way, leaves a radiant, magical impression, especially on one little boy and girl.”

Snugs is a polar bear who floats away from home on a small iceberg. As his journey and story evolves, more magical animals are woven into the narrative. I liked how the reality (Northern Lights, etc.) and the magical portion blended so well.  This adventure fit Snugs to a T. A few words were more than a younger child could understand, but this enables children the ability to speak with their parents, librarian, etc. on areas they don’t understand fully. Amid the narrative, some illustrations are found, and they are cute. A huge mistake that I must comment about is the fact that the narrative related the twelve days of Christmas being the twelve days leading up to Christmas Day, when, in fact, the twelve days of Christmas are the twelve days after Christmas Day. For this reason alone, I must give Snugs the Snow Bear four stars. If at some point the story is edited and corrected regarding the twelve days of Christmas, I will revise to five stars.


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