The Good Teacher: Women of Willow Wood Book 1


The Good Teacher: Women of Willow Wood Book 1 by Lorraine Carey.

I just finished reading this book and my review follows the authors book blurb found on Amazon.

“When first-year teacher Daniella Reyes starts teaching at a new school she is frightened by the crows that follow her everywhere. As a woman with highly empathic abilities and the victim of child abuse, she is tuned to pick up the vibes from abused children in her classroom. She’s desperate to help them while trying to cling to a normal life with Luke. As she slowly discovers the secrets of a powerful, ancient cult, and New Mexico’s hidden world opens up to her, she finds that her life is anything but normal. She must make a life-altering sacrifice if she wants to save the children, her father’s soul, and her own life.

This paranormal thriller is book 1 of Women of the Willow Wood.”

When suspense is woven around darkness, supernatural, emotional abuse, mixed with engaging characters makes The Good Teacher a great read! I thought the heroine (Dani) was somewhat into herself looks wise and that created a sensual feeling for the romance lovers. The protagonist starts off her first full year of teaching in a school in New Mexico. Dani had no idea of the huge impact the school year would have on her life. One teacher is friendly and fun, mixed with a principal who was rather evil, and then paranormal things start happening. Dani relieves her own abusive childhood, and her new students are important to her, especially the ones who are suffering abuse. A fun read all around. Needs slight edits done, a five star book.

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